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Prif Fordwyaeth

Casgliad: Teganau Dan Do

Nid yw'r tywydd bob amser yn braf ac yn sych, rydym yn cael cryn dipyn o ddiwrnodau glawog a gall teganau dan do fod o fudd mawr i blant ag AAA.

Y pris uchaf yw £619.99 Ail gychwyn

79 cynhyrchion



79 cynhyrchion


Y pris uchaf yw £619.99


79 cynhyrchion

  • Wy sy'n Newid Lliw
    £5.99  (£4.99 o TAW)
  • EDX Education Geo pegiau a Pegboard Set
    £16.99  (£14.16 o TAW)
  • Set Cylch Synhwyraidd TickiT SiliShapes®
    £46.99  (£39.16 o TAW)
  • Sanau Corff
    Oddiwrth £26.99
  • Llyfr Synhwyraidd Ffabrig
    £29.99  (£24.99 o TAW)
  • Lamp Llawr Tiwb Swigod
    £72.99  (£60.83 o TAW)
  • Synhwyraidd Light Up Maraca
    £6.49  (£5.41 o TAW)
  • Dawns Cwtsh Synhwyraidd
    £29.99  (£24.99 o TAW)
  • Cwmwl Glaw Plui
    £11.49  (£9.58 o TAW)
  • Tiwbiau Glitter - Pecyn o 4
    £17.99  (£14.99 o TAW)
  • Tiwbiau Siarad TickiT
    £18.99  (£15.83 o TAW)
  • Pecyn Ffigys 2
    £31.99  (£26.66 o TAW)
  • Latches Board - Learning ResourceLatches Board - Learning Resource
    Allan o stoc
    Bwrdd Latches - Melissa & Doug
  • Clychau'r Ddesg Enfys
    £34.99  (£29.16 o TAW)
  • Amserydd Tywod Mini TickiT Set 3pk
    £3.99  (£3.33 o TAW)
  • Pêl Disgo sy'n Cylchdroi Kaleidoscope
    £9.99  (£8.33 o TAW)
  • Pwti Therapi
    £21.99  (£18.33 o TAW)
  • Trafod Teganau Golau Nos Deinosor a Thaflunydd
    £13.00  (£10.83 o TAW)
  • Set Bloc Synhwyraidd TickiT 16c
    £54.99  (£45.83 o TAW)
  • Pos Twist a Thro
    £17.99  (£14.99 o TAW)
  • Pecyn Ffidget Llinynnol Ymestyn o 6
    £8.49  (£7.08 o TAW)
  • Cnau a Bolltau Addysg EDX 32pk
    £13.99  (£11.66 o TAW)
  • Dysgwch i Gyfrif
    £20.49  (£17.08 o TAW)
  • UV LED Torch
    £8.99  (£7.49 o TAW)

Here are some types of indoor toys that may be beneficial for children with special educational needs:

Sensory toys

Sensory toys are designed to stimulate the senses and provide sensory input to the child. Examples include textured balls, squishy toys, and fidget spinners. These toys can be particularly beneficial for children with sensory processing issues who may have difficulty processing sensory information.

Cause and effect toys

Cause and effect toys are designed to help children understand cause and effect relationships. Examples include push-button toys, toys that light up or make noise when pressed, and toys that move when activated. These toys can help to develop fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities.

Building and construction toys

Building and construction toys, such as blocks, Lego, or MagnaTiles, can be great for developing fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and creativity. These toys can also be used to teach basic math and spatial reasoning skills.

Pretend play toys

Pretend play toys, such as play kitchens, dollhouses, or dress-up costumes, can help children develop social and emotional skills. Pretend play can also help to improve language and communication skills and encourage imaginative thinking.

Art and craft supplies

Art and craft supplies, such as coloring books, paint sets, and modeling clay, can be a great way for children to express themselves creatively and develop fine motor skills. These activities can also be used to teach colors, shapes, and other basic concepts.

When choosing indoor toys for children with special educational needs, it is important to consider the child's individual needs and preferences. Some children may be more interested in certain types of toys, and it may be helpful to involve them in the selection process. It is also important to choose toys that are age-appropriate and safe for the child to use.

Overall, indoor toys can provide a fun and engaging way for children with special educational needs to develop their skills and engage with their environment. By choosing the right types of toys, parents and caregivers can help children to learn and grow in a safe and comfortable setting.

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