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Mae pob ceiniog sy'n cael ei gwario yn helpu teuluoedd Contact.

Prif Fordwyaeth

Talk with Teddies for Early Years

SKU: PD-1607

Pris rheolaidd £92.49  (£77.08 o TAW)
Pris rheolaidd Pris gwerthu   £92.49  (£77.08 o TAW)

Excellent resource to support children who are visual and kinaesthetic learners. Ideal for early years.

Fel Elusen, mae unrhyw elw a wneir o bob pryniant yn mynd yn ôl i helpu teuluoedd â phlant anabl.

Product Description

This set includes 4 bears and 50 individual communication tiles. The bears are Velcro compatible and the communication tiles and will attach using the hook dots supplied. These can be taken off and replaced as many times as you like. The teddies become the messenger and can communicate responding to the child’s visual and kinaesthetic learning style.

Help children to understand what is happening next, understand instruction, during transitions, to aid concentration, to reward and help raise self esteem, to communicate feelings and emotions. The use of the bears is endless.

The set comes with:

  • 4 x fully washable bears (standing 125mm tall)
  • 12 x Early Years Communication Tiles (each 45x45mm)
  • 12 x Social Integration Communication Tiles
  • 12 x Useful Information Tiles
  • 1 x Pyramid Now/Then And/Or board
  • 6 x Mini Dry Wipe Boards and pen
  • 50 x self adhesive hook dots
  • Drawstring Storage Bag

We love these bears. Our children really respond well, whether we are telling them it is nappy time, to be quiet or that it is time for home. They are really versatile and the children go to find them time and time again. Early Years Manager – Sheffield

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