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Children and adults enjoy swimming and using hydrotherapy pools for exercise, fun and therapy. Specialist swimwear can enable someone with incontinence issues to continue to go the pool and take part in hydrotherapy sessions.


As a rule incontinence swimwear needs to fit well to stop unwanted leakage. It is best to take measurements before ordering your swimwear
To Measure: Please measure around the waist, just below the belly button and then at the upper leg, following the line where pants would normally sit.
For girls you would also need to measure the bust, around the body – under the arms at the widest point of the chest.
Most incontinence swimwear is designed to be washable, but please check with the supplier or manufacturer for the correct washing instructions. As the swimwear has an integral waterproof lining tumble drying is not recommended for these products. Also be aware that as with normal swimwear, the cleaning chemicals used in swimming and hydrotherapy pools can cause fading of fabrics with prolonged use.