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Fledglings has a wide range of product solutions to help families and carers with continence issues and toilet training. Teaching a child to use the toilet can be a difficult task irrespective of additional needs. At Fledglings we provide toilet training products, toilet aids, continence pants, adjustable toilet chairs and more. We also provide bedtime solutions, specifically designed to help alleviate some of the stress of night time wetting and incontinence. Products include waterproof duvets & pillows, incontinence sheets, waterproof mattresses & mattress protectors, washable bed pads and weighted blankets.

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Bedding product solutions to help with night time wetting and incontinence.

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Products designed specifically to help with caring for some one with continence issues.

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Toilet Training

Equipment and products to help families with toilet training.

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Enquiries about continence and products that can help families and carers are some of the most common we receive at Fledglings. Many products exist that can help alleviate some of the stress and work associated with night time bed wetting. 

There are a range of products which are designed to help protect the bedding and mattress from wetting: you would need to assess your needs so that you can choose products suitable for you.

An OT or Health professional should be able to advise you if needed.

Bedding Solutions Include the following;

Mattress protectors/pads - these absorbent pads are designed to used over a mattress and on top of the fitted sheet to protect the area of the bed most vulnerable to wetting. They are ideal as they can be quickly changed in the middle of the night without having to resort to changing the whole bed. There are disposable versions available but in the long term these can be costly, so a washable and reusable pad or protector may well be better value in the long run. (Disposables however, can be good for travelling and holidays) The reusable protectors usually have a waterproof backing and a softer absorbent upper layer. Some styles come with wings or flaps which can be tucked around and under the mattress to keep it in place (e.g. the Brolly Sheet)

Chair Pads – these work in a similar way to the mattress protector but they are smaller so that they will fit into a chair or wheelchair. They have a waterproof backing, protect the chair and upholstery from leaks, are washable and can be swapped over easily when needed.

Waterproof sheets, Duvet and Pillow protectors - in order to protect the bed and bedding from staining and urine, there are a variety of products that can be used. Some have a waterproof PVC backing, others are made in breathable polyurethane or Tencel type fabrics. They are all designed to keep the mattress, duvet or pillows underneath clean. It is a good idea to check if the product is suitable for heavy or only light wetting before you buy - as well as the size you need.

Mattress Protectors - designed to fit over the mattress to protect it from soiling and wetting. Some are designed to slip over like a fitted sheet, others encapsulate the whole mattress and have a zip opening. For heavy soiling however a waterproof mattress may well be a better long term solution.

Waterproof Mattresses - in cases of very heavy soiling and wetting a complete waterproof hospital style mattress can be a more economical solution in the long run. Made from a foam which allows the body to mould into the mattress, these have a completely waterproof cover. They come with concealed zips and allow the free flow of air for comfort. The mattresses can be wiped down and dried easily which makes them ideal for night time. As a child moves into adulthood a waterproof mattress can often be a better solution as the wetting increases in volume.

Waterproof Duvets and Pillows - waterproof pillows and duvets have a waterproof cover which can be wiped down with a damp sponge or cloth and then wiped dry. Usually made of a soft polyurethane they are designed to be breathable as well as waterproof. For comfort these should be covered with a washable duvet cover or pillowcase. These are excellent when wetting or soiling is heavy and are ideal for using at night time. When the duvet or pillow gets wet the outer covers can be changed quickly while the duvet or pillow below can be wiped clean and dried quickly. This means laundry can be kept to a manageable level as the duvet and pillows do not need to be constantly washed – saving wear and tear on the washing machine and time on drying.

Waterproof changing mats - changing mats are ideal for changing a person either at home or when they are out and about. Folding versions are particularly good for days out.

Please note the use of bleach and harsh cleaning products is not recommended on these products.