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Bedtime & Toilet Training

Fledglings has a wide range of product solutions to help families and carers with incontinence issues and toilet training. Teaching a child to use the toilet can be a difficult task irrespective of additional needs. At Fledglings we provide toilet training products, toilet aids, incontinence pants, adjustable toilet chairs and more. We also provide bedtime solutions, specifically designed to help alleviate some of the stress and work associated with night time wetting and incontinence. Products include waterproof duvets & pillows, incontinence sheets, waterproof mattresses & mattress protectors, washable bed pads and weighted blankets.

There are a range of products which are designed to help protect the bedding and mattress from wetting: you would need to assess your needs so that you can choose products suitable for you.

An occupational therapist or health professional should be able to advise you if needed.