We receive hundreds of enquiries from families and professionals looking for solutions to real problems.

Ranging from finding an appropriate potty training aid for a 10 year old with cerebral palsy, preventing a 16 year old with a learning difficulty from accessing cupboards containing cleaning chemicals, to assisting a 5 year old with Downs Syndrome to feed herself independently.


Providing advice that enables families to help themselves.

Whatever you can afford to contribute, you can be assured that it will make a real difference to Fledglings' ability to continue to support those who most need this service.

Your contribution will help make a big difference!

5 Donate and support Fledglings

Enables us to send out product information and guidance to a family in need

15 Donate and support Fledglings

Will pay for a Fledglings Helpline Call, providing one-to-one counsel and practical support

25 Donate and support Fledglings

Will help us fund bespoke research and development of a product solution such as specialist clothing for a child with a new, rare or unique problem


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Text FLED01 £5 to 70070 to donate £5


Ring us with your debit card.


Send cheque or postal order payable to Fledglings.


Regular contributions really help Fledglings because they enable us to plan our finances better.

Even if it's only a small amount, it all adds up and makes a big difference.