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Fledglings does not provide grants but we have put together some information to help you look for funding.

For many families with a special needs child or relative, a grant can help provide important equipment and services that will help improve the life of the person they are caring for. There is often a limit to the type of services and equipment that social services, local authorities and the NHS can provide – applying for a grant can help cover the cost of important items which can enhance the lives of families and those they look after. The type of grant, what you are looking for and where you are, will define the type of organisation you approach for funding. For example, there might be charities and organisations local to you who you could approach for funds.

You would need to do some research and approach each funder yourself to confirm if they are likely to consider your application and what criteria you would need to qualify for funding. Please contact us by phone or email to discuss your funding needs and we'll send you our information pack.

Click here to view our Funding & Grants Information PDF

Fledglings is a national charity that provides practical advice and support about living with children with additional needs, and accurately signposts people to other organisations to get the other advice they need.

Fledglings finds and sells products that improve the lives of children with additional needs and their families and provides advice and support around these products.

We want a society where children with additional needs and their families and carers have access to the products, equipment and support they need to allow them to achieve their potential, maximise their achievements and improve their quality of life.

“Since discovering Fledglings I am reassured to have them in my care team for my daughter. Always helpful, knowledgeable and really understand special world. Worth browsing their website shop too to spark ideas for helping to make our children feel a sense of achievement, live to their full potential and take some of the pressure of us parent carers.” - Parent

Get your free copy of Contact’s Helpful Guide for Families with Disabled Children

Contact, the charity for families with disabled children, exists to help families feel valued, supported and confident. They do this through their free helpline service, website, parent guides and fact-sheets, workshops and other parent friendly resources. They also bring families together locally and online, to support each other by sharing experiences.

Contact understand that life with a disabled child brings unique challenges and to help, they’ve published the Helpful Guide for Families with Disabled Children - a free book for parents containing everything you need to know, when you don’t know where to turn.

Packed with all the essential information you might need as a parent carer, the Helpful Guide will help you navigate your way through what can be a confusing system of support and at the same time, point you to more in-depth help and advice on Contact’s website. Designed for all families with a child with a disability or additional needs, it’s particularly relevant for families early in their journey. Order your free copy today