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Everyone benefits from good oral care but for some people it can be challenging! 
Some people find tooth brushing uncomfortable and upsetting – especially if they have additional needs, autism or a sensory processing disorder and maybe don’t understand why they need to have their teeth brushed in the first place. It may be hard for them to tolerate having a toothbrush in their mouth which can make oral care and teeth brushing a stressful for families and carers.

Many people with special needs will also feel the need to bite or chew, especially those on the Autistic spectrum. There may be a range of reasons for this such as frustration, stress, anxiety, the desire to communicate or the need for sensory stimulation. It can also be a reaction to feeling overwhelmed by their environment. Chewing or biting can also be a comforting activity, providing a sensory input to the proprioceptive system.

Fledglings has a range of oral care products, adapted to help families and carers as well as a wide range of safe chewing and biting aids. These are aimed at improving oral hygiene and providing a safe alternatives for people who like to bite and chew.

View our extensive range or contact us for further information or support. If we do not stock the product you are looking for, we are happy to point you in the right direction.

Biting & Chewing

A range of safe chewing aids designed to help those who seek sensory input through biting and chewing.

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Oral Care & Hygiene

Adapted oral care products designed to improve oral hygiene and take some of the stress out of tooth care for families and carers.  

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We know that caring for a disabled child can be very challenging. We can help.

Our Solutions Information leaflets cover the fundamental issues involved with Oral Care and Hygiene while presenting some of the most widely available product solutions to meet those needs.