Parents & Carers Review Fledglings Products

At Fledglings we’re very lucky to have a community of parents and carers who share reviews and photos of their children using our products designed for individuals with additional needs. The smiles on your children's faces are what motivates us to continue doing what we do - providing sensory products and special needs equipment that help with everyday challenges.

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One-stop-shop for disabled children products

"I have used Fledglings for years from everything from Flexi Cups, Bibs, Wheelchair Capes and Swim Tankinis. Fantastic quality and excellent prices. Our favourite new product is the Mum to Mum Youth Bandana Bib. Best I have found on the market!" - Leeann, Mum to Lucy.

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Looking sharp in Fledglings bibs

"The Dribble Bibs have been an absolute godsend for us and our son JJ. They are a great size, adjustable and so absorbent. I have lots in a few different colours and they all look lovely. JJ has grown out of baby bibs and I had tried everything until I discovered these bibs. Fledglings is such a great resource, I've recommended the site to others so many times for different things. Thank you!" - Susie, Mum to JJ.

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Pencil grips for creative minds

"I ordered the Stubbi Pencil Grip for my son. He gets quite frustrated as he finds it hard to hold and grip the pencils when colouring. The Stubbi Grip is perfect for him - he loves it and It’s great to see how much more he now enjoys colouring and practicing writing - thank you!" Rachel, parent.

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Keeping little hands away from nappies

"Evelyn has been having obsessive behaviour with pulling her nappy off all day and night. I am so glad to have found the Cap Sleeve Long Leg Unitard which solves this problem!" - Kelly, Mum to Evelyn.⠀

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Growing up with made to order sleeping bags

"I have been buying the Body Worn Single Sleeping Bags for many years for Emily - since she was 5 - she is now 14! As she has cerebral palsy, it’s dangerous for her to have a duvet or blankets as she can’t remove them should they cover her face, so these always keep her safe and cosy. I honestly don’t know what we would do without them. We have also had numerous dribble bibs over the years which are used constantly! Thank you Fledglings for helping us for all these years." - Sally, Mum to Emily.

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Ear protection for hydrotherapy

"Zoe is two and has cerebral palsy. She loves the water and has really enjoyed going to hydrotherapy sessions. However, she also suffers from recurrent ear infections and perforated eardrums, and the ENT specialists had told us she was not allowed to go swimming. She has had perforated drums since the start of December so has missed out on hydrotherapy for nearly two months now.

“Having bought the Ear Band-It Swimming Headband from Fledglings, we took this along to the ENT appointment last week and having mulled things over for a bit, the ENT consultant has given us the OK to take Zoe back to hydrotherapy, and today will be her first session. It really makes a difference that she is able to go to this again as it is really beneficial for her condition and is something she loves. So thank you very much!" - Alice, Mum to Zoe.

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Special pyjamas save the day (and night of course!)

"My son who is eight has profound learning disabilities and for the last six years or so smeared his faeces, which has caused no end of problems and distress. At the end of a tiring day, I have spent most evenings obsessively checking on him, cleaning him, cleaning his pyjamas, bed clothes, walls, carpet, curtains, sometimes several times each night, and sometimes for weeks on end. This has been my single most difficult problem, and at times I have despaired.

The Pjyamas supplied by Fledglings do not allow easy access to his nappy, and therefore greatly slow down the damage he can do, minimising mess and giving me a little more lead time in cleaning him. They are such a simple but clever item. I would not be exaggerating if I said they made the difference between being able to cope, and not able to cope. It is these little things that matter so much. We're very grateful to Fledglings." - Philippa, parent.

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Unitards for warmth and comfort

"As you can see the Sleeveless Short Leg Unitard is a perfect fit. It is great for the summer nights - keeping the heavy nappies well in place. He thinks they're great too - they look just like his dad's bicycle shorts. He tells me he's going to wear them riding his new bike to work - just like daddy!" - Sonya, parent.

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