Product Development

For children and adults with additional needs

They say that necessity drives invention – and at Fledglings this is very true! Many of our most popular products like the ones below, were developed with the help of parents and carers who wanted to find solutions to the challenges their children faced.

Let us know what you need and we’ll continue to listen, find solutions and drive innovation.

Backpacks to keep children safe

Many children with a learning disability have no concept of danger which can make leaving the house a nerve wracking experience. To help, Fledglings sourced our small backpack with reins and a harness, so parents could hold on to their child without having to hold their hands. These backpacks were hugely popular but parent carers told us that as their child grew older they wanted a larger backpack to better meet their needs. Fledglings approached the manufacturer and together brought to market a larger version that parents and children had been asking for.

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Wheelchairs with raincovers

When Fledglings was first getting off the ground, we were contacted by several families who had been supplied with a wheelchair but had no way of covering up their child in bad weather. Fledglings worked with a manufacturer of stylish adult wheelchair covers to introduce a children's range. 10 years on we have supplied hundreds of families who are now able take their children to school and keep them dry! 

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Unitards for sensory processing issues

⁣⁣When parents approached us for help with children's challenging behaviour in undressing and/or smearing, we developed a range of unitards to help!

The special Cap Sleeve Long Leg Unitard and Sleeveless Short Leg Unitard were developed by Fledglings in response to parent requests.

Designed for children on the autistic spectrum or with sensory processing issues. These close fitting garments can provide whole-body compression to enhance bodily awareness, helping autistic children to feel more secure. When worn as underwear or at night, they are great for preventing incidents of smearing or undressing.

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Body vests reassure children and families

Following the success of the Unitards, we developed a range of Body Vests in different lengths, styles and colours. Our Body Vests are made in the same close fitting fabric as the Unitards. The cotton vests have poppers fastenings at the crotch for easy nappy changes.

As children feel comfortable wearing it, they usually do not attempt to undress. The poppers can keep the nappy or pad more securely in place, making it harder for the wearer to get at their pad or nappy, helping with smearing as well.

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