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We know that caring for a disabled child can be very challenging. We can help.

Swimming and hydrotherapy sessions can be both fun and therapeutic. Specialist swimwear can enable someone with incontinence issues to exercise and have fun in the water. Commercially brought swim nappies however only go up to a certain size – as a child grows they will need to look for an alternative that will allow them to continue to go to the pool.

Incontinence Swimwear products enables the wearer to have more freedom and confidence in the pool or on the beach. These range in size from toddler to adult. They provide an alternative solution to disposable swimming products and come in a variety of different styles, colours and patterns.


    Swimsuits with integral waterproof lining. These swimsuits have an integral, waterproof inner pant, elasticated at the waist and the top of the leg, to help contain any accidents while in the water. This integrated pant usually has a polyurethane nylon coating and a silicone seal at the waistband to provide protection and containment for the wearer.

    The advantage of these swimsuits is that they look much the same as any other swimwear. The swimsuits are also reusable and washable. Depending on the style, this swimwear will provide protection for both more liquid and solid faecal waste, although you would need to check this with the supplier or manufacturer.

    Styles available include girls and women’s swimsuits and tankinis, boys and men’s boxer style shorts, swim brief and Swimster styles. They do not require a pad or nappy to be worn underneath them (Please note: everyday pads and nappies are not suitable for use in the pool as they soon become saturated with water and overly heavy: the gel in the pads may also damage the pool filtration systems).

    As with most incontinence swimwear, a good fit is essential. It is recommend that you take measurements before buying, as this will help you get the best fit. The swimwear needs to be ‘snug’ where the integral pant fits at the waist and the top of the leg. This must not be so tight that it is uncomfortable or restricting to the wearer’s circulation but must fit well enough so that there is no gaping or looseness. If the fit is not snug, the garment will not be as effective and may leak.

    Incontinence swimwear must fit well to stop leakage. It is best to take measurements before ordering your swimwear To Measure: Please measure around the waist, just below the belly button and then at the upper leg, following the line where pants would normally sit. For girls you would also need to measure the bust, around the body – under the arms at the widest point of the chest.


    Swimsters Unisex swim pants have a waterproof lining which is designed to retain solid bowel movements rather than loose stools. The Swimsters are not as high at the sides as some swimsuits and are often worn under other swimwear.

    Disposable Swimsters Can be used up to 2 times as long as they have not been soiled. Disposable Swimsters are a good stopgap for occasional use and for holidays - especially if there is no ready access to laundry facilities.

    Re-useable Swim Nappies Fabric outer layer and a waterproof lining these swim nappies are designed to replace disposable nappies and can be purchased in child to adult sizes. They usually have elastic at the leg and an adjustable waist band- either with Velcro or ties. They can be worn alone but are more often worn under regular swimwear.

    However these swim nappies may not be as effective for loose stools and diarrhoea and are usually recommended for incontinent swimmers with solid bowel movements. Please check with the supplier or manufacturer if you are unsure. Again, the fit would need to be good to ensure the swim nappy is effective.


     Supervision must be provided at all times during swimming. Buoyancy devices and jackets will assist in the development of swimming skills and help to provide additional floatation and reassurance but is not a substitute for adult supervision.


    Konfidence Jacket Zip front buoyancy jackets for children and adults, with removable floats so that buoyancy can be modified as the swimmer grows in confidence.

    Aquaplane 3-in-1 swimming aid that covers all of the main stages of swimming development. Can be used as a back float to help promote proper swim position, as a kick board to help strengthen legs, or as a leg float.

    Ear Band-It Designed to help children with ear infections or grommets to continue to enjoy swimming. Neoprene headband works best when combined with soft vinyl resin earplugs to provide an effective waterproof seal.

    Waterproof Changing Mat A large portable changing mat can be invaluable when assisting someone with changing in or out of wet swimwear. Waterproof backing allows the mat to be used on a wet floor. Ideal for multiple purposes and for travelling on holiday.



    ##We recommend that all chewing aids are used with adult supervision and are replaced once they show signs of wear. Please inspect the chewing aid regularly and wash with warm soapy water.##


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