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If you are a wheelchair user having the right equipment can make getting out and about so much easier and more comfortable – especially in the unpredictable British weather. A good waterproof wheelchair cover is essential. Fledgling supplies a range of different covers, adapted for wheelchair use. These are all waterproof and come in different styles to suit different needs: some are fleece lined, others are designed so they can be folded away and popped on and off quickly when they are needed. Others encase the lower body for extra warmth and have easy access zip fronts.

Capes: these garment have no sleeves and come with a hood. They are designed to be easy to pull over the head and drape over the body and wheelchair. They are waterproof but unlined. The advantage is that they will fold away in a bag until needed, ideal for rainy days. If the weather is cold the wearer would need warm clothes or a fleece poncho underneath.

Waterproof wheelchair covers with sleeves: similar to the capes in that they are intended to cover the body in rainy weather but they incorporate sleeves - ideal if the user needs their hands free and wants to propel their own chair. Again they will pack away well until needed and are easy to put on and off.

Waist high wheelchair cover: designed to come up to the waist, encase the body and cover the legs while the user is in their wheelchair. Waterproof and lined for extra warmth, the user can be lowered into or sit into the cover, which is then zipped up at the front. This style is great in bad weather and for those whose lack of mobility or have a condition which makes them feel the cold.

Leg and lap covering wheelchair covers: available in fleece lined or unlined versions these covers are designed to be slipped over the legs and lap of the wheelchair user. They attach the wheelchair at the waist and pull easily over the chair footplate. Suitable for wheelchair user who may need to get in and out of their chair.

Wheelchair Accessories: products to help you when you are out and about: washable seat pads, Radar Key, weighted blankets and more.

Capes & Covers

From cost-effective rain covers to fleece-lined weather-proof capes to help you get out and about, we stock a range of wheelchair covers to suit all conditions. 

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Wheelchair Accessories

Products to help maximise the independence and functionality of your wheelchair - with device clamps, backpacks, blankets and seat pads.

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There are a number of organisations which can help with information regarding travelling in the UK if you or a family member has a disability.

HM Government website - Useful information on transport in around the UK, including the Blue Badge scheme, Disabled travel passes, transport for the disabled, school transport for a disabled child.

Disabled Travel Advice – this website has some good advice, links and information about disabled travel, including airlines, public transport and getting out and about in the UK.

Transport for London – this website has information about travelling around London, the journey planner allows you to specify what sort of access you need when using public transport and planning your trip.

The Rough Guide to Accessible Britain – Ideas for days out, information about disabled parking, tips and feedback from other disabled travellers.

Motability Scheme - The Car and Scooter Scheme for those with a special need or disability people, The Motability Scheme helps people with a disability exchange their mobility allowance for a new car, mobility scooter or electric wheelchair.

Safety Equipment

Walking Reins and Harnesses
For those who are particularly active, with little or no sense of danger, walking reins and harnesses can be a good safety solution. They can prevent the wearer from running into traffic or getting away from their carer and becoming lost.

Walking reins are available in child and adult sizes, these are usually made from strong webbing and often have a waist belt or chest pad and shoulder straps. These versions are designed to particularly hard for the wearer to wriggle out of, essential for those who are hyperactive or those who may try to run from their carer.
Another solution may be a backpack that incorporates a strap and handle that the parent or carer can hold to keep their charge with them. This is more discrete option for families when they are out and about.

Travelling by Car – Seat Belts and Safety Seats

In the car it is essential that your child or relative is properly secured. There are rules which govern the use of car seats for children in the UK and Europe. These apply whether the person is disabled or not. (In certain circumstances an exemption can be issued by a doctor due to a child’s circumstances and condition) Information relating to these regulations can be found on the Government website

For those with additional needs there are seat belts and seats available for their family and carers to use. This could include 5 point harnesses to keep a person secure in the seat while the car is moving as well as seats that provide postural support for the users. We have put some links below to some suppliers who may be able to help.

Please note - Fledglings cannot recommend one supplier over another and that there are other manufacturers who supply similar products. We advise that you research further before deciding on which product would be most suitable. It may be that you would also need to seek the advice of an Occupational Therapist or a Health Professional before choosing the best option for you.

• Crelling Harnesses Ltd

• The In Car Safety Centre

• The Windmill Special Needs Co Ltd

Further Useful Information and Links

Rica  - Part of the national research charity Research Institute for Consumer Affairs. They research and distribute free information about products and consumer reports. We focus specifically on issues of concern to disabled and older consumers. They aim to provide practical advice for disabled and older people. Their website has some useful information on mobility, driving and cars for the disabled.

They also have a page related to car seats for children with special needs.

Living Made Easy - Provide advice on equipment, including a section on travel seats and seat belts.