Wheelchair User Covers & Accessories Advice

If you are a wheelchair user, having the right equipment can make getting out and about so much easier and more comfortable – especially in the unpredictable British weather. A good waterproof wheelchair cover is essential.

Fledgling supplies a range of different covers, adapted for wheelchair use. These are all waterproof and come in different styles to suit different needs. Some are fleece lined, others are designed so they can be folded away and popped on and off quickly when they are needed. Others encase the lower body for extra warmth and have easy access zip fronts.

From cost-effective rain covers to fleece-lined weather-proof capes to help you get out and about, we stock a range of wheelchair covers to suit all conditions. 

Capes & Covers

Cape garments have no sleeves and come with a hood. They are designed to be easy to pull over the head and drape over the body and wheelchair. They are waterproof but unlined. The advantage is that they will fold away in a bag until needed, ideal for rainy days. If the weather is cold the wearer would need warm clothes or a fleece poncho underneath.

Waterproof wheelchair covers with sleeves

Similar to the capes in that they are intended to cover the body in rainy weather but they incorporate sleeves - ideal if the user needs their hands free and wants to propel their own chair. Again they will pack away well until needed and are easy to put on and off.

Wheelchair Accessories

Products to help maximise the independence and functionality of your wheelchair - with device clamps, backpacks, blankets and seat pads.