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Cosmo Excel


Normalna cena £968.99  (£807.49 z podatku VAT)
Normalna cena Cena sprzedaży   £968.99  (£807.49 z podatku VAT)

Cosmo is an award-winning platform that supports the enhancement of skills for early years learners and individuals with special educational and therapy needs. It is easy to set up and supports occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, and music therapy.

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Opis produktu

Cosmo is a multi-award-winning company that reimagines play and therapy for early years learners and people with additional needs. It is a platform of interactive IoT (Internet of Things) devices, iPad applications, and data analytics tools used in education and elderly care settings.


  • User-Friendly & Easy To Set Up - Thanks to Cosmo's straightforward and intuitive setup, getting started is as easy as walking in the park.
  • Supports Cross-Curricular Learning - Our ready-to-use activity guides, aligned with the National Curriculum and Learning through Play principles, save teachers and therapists valuable preparation time.
  • Highly Engaging - Cosmo’s captivating activities and interactive features keep learners fully immersed and excited throughout their educational journey.
  • Resilient Design - Manufactured with high-quality materials, Cosmo is engineered to endure and serve you over time.
  • Evidence-Based Learning System - Independent research conducted by the University of Birmingham has confirmed the effectiveness of Cosmo, showing positive results in attention, engagement, and emotional regulation.
  • Comprehensive Skill Development - Cosmo is tailored for early years learners and individuals with special educational and therapy needs. It supports the enhancement of cognitive, communication, and physical skills.

What is In The Box:

  • A Set of 6 Cosmoids
  • Micro USB cables
  • International adaptors
  • A Getting Started card
  • 18 Activities
  • 2 Year Warranty

Please note the tablet is NOT included.

Why Cosmo?

  • Research-driven and evidence-based
  • Provides data insights to monitor progress
  • Supports multiple conditions and trains key skills
  • Simple to set up and easy to use

Cosmo Use Cases:

  • Occupational Therapy - Cosmo can complement different areas of Occupational Therapy, such as sensory circuits, emotional regulation and motor planning. The range of activities in the Cosmo Training app can support fine and gross motor skills, spatial and body awareness, attention and concentration. Cosmo also works well with other sensory equipment to support Occupational Therapy activities.
  • Physiotherapy - Cosmo can support people with limited physical mobility and those who have sustained brain damage or stroke. The Cosmoids are equipped with dynamic force sensors that can adjust the responsiveness based on each person’s individual needs to improve muscle tone, speed and range of movement. The possibility to attach the Cosmoids to various surfaces using mounting arms and magnets significantly increases the accessibility and enables equal participation.
  • Speech and Language Therapy - The engaging activities in the Cosmo Training app can effectively support different Speech and Language therapy areas, such as communication skills, gestural communication, following instructions, vocalisation, expressing preferences, and taking turns. Our research with the University of Birmingham and Cambridge University focused on how Cosmo can support communication skills for autistic people.
  • Music Therapy - The ever-present music across all activities available in the Cosmo Training app allows for practising musical expression at every step. The music-centred activities encourage ways of alternative communication and self-expression, engaging everyone in fun and inclusive interactions.

Further Information: Videos


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