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Making the Right Choices – Emotions and Anxiety


Normalna cena £71.99  (£59.99 z podatku VAT)
Normalna cena Cena sprzedaży   £71.99  (£59.99 z podatku VAT)

Help children understand the choices they have in relation to their emotional response

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Opis produktu

Children struggle to make sense of the world around them especially when they are upset, embarrassed, feel confused, are worried or anxious or when someone has made them angry or cross.This set provides a wide range of practical resources to support emotional understanding and empathy with individuals or group work.

Use to support children to make the right choice – allow them to use the resources to tell you how they are feeling, if they have enjoyed an activity or if they are confused about instructions.

Excellent resource to use with all children to help them understand their own and others’ emotions. Support children to think carefully about worries and anxiety and recognise what they can do to help themselves and others.

  • 4 x Mood Bands
    • Mood bands help children tell you how they feel, turn them over to illustrate feelings such as It’s all OK or It’s not OK.
  • 2 x How Do You Feel Today Emotions Lanyards
    • Help children identify their own and others’ emotions
  • 2 x Emotions and Expressions Fans
    • Helps individuals to tell you how they are feeling by grading the intensity of their emotions
  • 1 x I Feel Fan
    • Helps children identify expressions and what feelings they represent
  • 1 x Swing O Meter
    • A versatile tool allowing children to indicate feelings and emotions in any circumstance
  • 1 x Worry & Anxiety 4 Fan Set
    • Help children to cope with worry and bullying
  • Extra bonus fan – Staying Safe Stranger Danger
    • Support children and young people to understand the key rules of keeping themselves safe
  • Mini dry wipe boards and pen

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