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Super NeeDoh

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Normalna cena £12.99  (£10.83 z podatku VAT)
Normalna cena Cena sprzedaży   £12.99  (£10.83 z podatku VAT)

Introducing the Super NeeDoh, the supersized version of the beloved Classic NeeDoh that has taken the squishy world by storm. With over 150 million views on TikTok, NeeDoh has become a sensational favorite among kids, and the Super NeeDoh brings double the squishy delight for an even more enjoyable sensory experience.

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Opis produktu

Schylling’s Super NeeDoh - The Ultimate Sensory Fidget Companion for All Ages

Crafted from a non-toxic, dough-like material, Super NeeDoh is designed to provide endless fidget-friendly fun. Squeeze, squish, pull, and smush - this stress ball is perfect for on-the-go fidgeting or as a reliable anxiety reliever. Its soft and squashable texture is ideal for little fingers, making it an excellent tool to help children focus and pay attention.

Product Features:
  • Supersize Fun: With dimensions of 11.4 x 11.4cm, the Super NeeDoh is twice the size of the classic version, offering an even more satisfying squish.
  • Groovy Glob: This brightly colored stress ball is a groovy, neon-inspired delight that captivates both kids and adults alike.
  • Perfect Fidget Toy: Super NeeDoh is the ideal fidget toy, providing a tactile and enjoyable way to relieve stress and engage restless fingers.
  • Variety of Colours: Available in orange, green, or pink, the colours vary and are chosen at random, adding an element of surprise to every purchase.
  • Safe and Non-Toxic: Crafted from a non-toxic, dough-like material, Super NeeDoh ensures safe and worry-free sensory play.
  • Age-Appropriate: Suitable for ages 3 and above, Super NeeDoh makes a fantastic gift or stocking filler for children of all abilities.
Unwind and Relieve Stress with Super NeeDoh:

Whether you're looking to unwind, relieve stress, or simply enjoy a squishy sensation, Super NeeDoh is the ultimate sensory companion. Its vibrant colours, supersize design, and irresistible squishiness make it a must-have for anyone seeking a delightful and stress-relieving fidget toy.

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Finger occupation, build hand strength, finger dexterity, fine motor skills

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