Absolutely Seamless SmartKnitKIDS Ultimate Comfort Sock - Black, Footwear, for disabled children.

SmartKnit Kids Absolutely Seamless Comfort Sock - Black

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Colour: Black.

Our SmartKnit Kids Absolutely Seamless Comfort Sock is a completely seamless, wrinkle-free sock that fits like a second layer of skin with wick perspiration. The form-fitting design made from Stretchy Corespun and Lycra yarns helps prevent bunching and wrinkling.  

Regular socks with elastic bands can tend to cause unwanted irritation for children. The non-binding Halo Tops allows the socks to fit comfortably without slipping off.  

The “no heel” design makes it easier for children to wear themselves and keeps their feet from outgrowing their socks too quickly, ensuring a perfect fit every time. 

Special Features: 

  • Truly Seamless - Completely free of seams, our patented product is knit like a cocoon, starting from the toe up, providing comfort and relief to children who struggle with “bumps & lumps” in their socks.
  • Unique No Heel Design - allows children to put on socks with confidence and keeps little feet from outgrowing their socks so quickly.
  • Hugs Little Feet - Stretchy Corespun and Lycra yarns result in a form-fitting design that "hug" little feet and help eliminate wrinkling and bunching. Because socks fit snugly, they won't slip off those wiggliest little toes.
  • Non-Binding - fits comfortably without slipping down the leg. Regular socks often have elastic bands at the tops of the sock that can often pinch, bind or be a source of irritation. 
  • No Stinky Feet - High-tech fibers wick moisture away helping ensure a drier sock and help prevent “stinky feet”.

Washing Instructions:

    • Machine washable up to 30°C.
    • Tumble dry medium.
    Size Suggestions Ankle

    (Mid Calf)

    UK Child shoe 3 to 7 - - Large
    UK Child Shoe 7 to 11
    - Large X Large
    UK Shoe 12 to 3 Large X Large XX Large
    UK Shoe 4 to 7 X Large XX Large -
    UK Shoe 8 + XX Large - -

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