Combi-Pack Pencil Grips, Learning resource, for disabled children.

Combi-Pack Pencil Grips

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penciPencil Grips can be a great help to those who may have poor manual dexterity or grip in their fingers. They can help improve a child's handwriting technique by encouraging the fingers to rest in a more comfortable position for writing. They can also offer the user more control when writing while reducing hand fatigue and pain.

The Combi-Pack Pencil Grips contains 11 of the best-selling grips to help you to decide which grips best suits your handwriting needs.

Pack Contains one of each of the following:

  • Ultra Pencil Grip,
  • Ridged Comfort Pencil Grip,
  • The Solo Grip,
  • Standard Triangular
  • Pencil Grip,
  • Comfort Pencil Grip,
  • Jumbo Triangular Pencil Grip,
  • Large Ultra Pencil Grip
  • Stubbi Grip,
  • Cross-Guard Ultra Pencil Grip,
  • Medium Claw Grip
  • Tri-Go Grip.

Product Specification:

  • Combi-Pack of Pencil Grips has a total of 11 grips in a pack
  • Colours may vary.

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