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Tom Tags

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Tom Tags is a visual checklist system designed to support an individual's communication, language development and the ability to process information, or as a checklist of items to remember. Great for those who experience problems with memory or organisation.

Pack My School Bag Children create their own personalised packing list to attach to their school bag. Different coloured tags make it easy to identify days of the week. 
Self Care Skills Create visual reminders for toileting, teeth-brushing, showering, bathing, dressing, and morning or bedtime routines.  
What to Expect at School Create indiviualised timetables to help children understand the structure of the school day, to guide specific tasks or reinforce behaviour.
What to Expect at Home Contains 2 sticker sets: In the House covers personal care, behaviour, mealtimes, family and activities such as playing, TV and reading. Out & About covers indoor and outdoor places and transport used to get there.  
Manage My Feelings Communicating and understanding feelings, pains and emotions and learning how to develop coping strategies.

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