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It is important for families to get out and about and be together, whether they are travelling abroad or enjoying a trip nearer to home.


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Travelling By Plane

If you are planning to travel abroad and have a disability or are travelling with a family member with special needs you would need to check what facilities are available at the airport you intend to travel from and what the airlines can offer.


All-Terrain Buggies

Most of the special needs all-terrain buggies have 3 wheels and can be purchased with a range of accessories and adaptations. They usually have a stronger build than a convential buggy and are designed to be used on a variety of terrains.


Bikes & Trikes

For a child or adult with additional needs an adapted bicycle or trike can give them greater mobility and freedom. For their carers it can mean they are able to join in with family activities and days out.


Travel in the UK

There are a number of organisations which can help with information regarding travelling in the UK if you or a family member has a disability.


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