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Collection: Wheelchair Covers & Accessories

Wheelchair covers and accessories can provide a range of benefits for wheelchair users. These products are designed to enhance the functionality and comfort of a wheelchair, as well as protect it from the elements and regular wear and tear. Fledglings is proud to be able to offer some great wheelchair covers, ponchos, spokeguards and accessories in a wide selection of prints and sizes. 

Please note that most of these items are sent directly from our suppliers. 

The highest price is £4,900.00 Reset

16 products



16 products


The highest price is £4,900.00


16 products

  • £19.80
  • £19.80
  • £19.80
  • From £24.99 (£20.83 ex VAT)
  • £37.99  (£31.66 ex VAT)
  • £139.99  (£116.66 ex VAT)
  • Weatherproof Wheelchair Leg Cover for Adults - Wheelchair ClothingWeatherproof Wheelchair Leg Cover for Adults - Wheelchair Clothing
    • medium
    • large
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  • From £33.99
  • Waterproof Wheelchair Total Cover - Buggies & AccessoriesWaterproof Wheelchair Total Cover - Buggies & Accessories
    From £42.99
  • £15.99
  • £35.99  (£29.99 ex VAT)
  • £29.99  (£24.99 ex VAT)
  • £49.99  (£41.66 ex VAT)
  • £44.99  (£37.49 ex VAT)
  • £31.99
  • £4,900.00  (£4,083.33 ex VAT)

Wheelchair Covers

Wheelchair covers are designed to protect the chair from the elements, such as rain, snow, and UV rays. These covers come in various materials, such as nylon or vinyl, and may feature waterproof or weather-resistant properties. Covers can be customized to fit specific wheelchair models and can include features like drawstrings or elastic bands for a secure fit.

Wheelchair Bags

Wheelchair bags are designed to attach to the back of a wheelchair and provide additional storage space for personal belongings. These bags can come in various sizes and styles, from small pouches to larger backpacks, and may feature zippered compartments, pockets, or mesh panels.

In conclusion, wheelchair covers and accessories can provide added functionality, comfort, and protection for wheelchair users. With a range of options available, wheelchair users can find products that meet their unique needs and enhance their daily lives.

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