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Collection: Eczema Clothing

Eczema is a skin condition that can cause itchy, dry, and inflamed skin. For children with special needs, eczema can be particularly challenging because it can cause discomfort and irritation. Eczema clothing is a type of clothing that is designed to help children with eczema feel more comfortable and reduce irritation. We have a selection of clothes that can help those suffering with ezcema both at night and during the day.

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Here are some features of eczema clothing that may be beneficial for children with special needs:

Soft, breathable fabric

Eczema clothing is made from soft, breathable fabric that is gentle on the skin. The range we stock above is made from organic cotton. The fabric is designed to be non-irritating and to allow air to circulate around the skin, reducing the risk of overheating and sweating.

Seamless design

Eczema clothing is typically designed without seams, which can irritate the skin and cause itching. Seamless clothing can be particularly beneficial for children with sensory processing issues who may be more sensitive to the sensation of clothing rubbing against their skin.

Moisture-wicking properties

Eczema clothing may also have moisture-wicking properties, which help to draw moisture away from the skin and reduce the risk of irritation. This is particularly important for children with eczema, who may experience more itching and discomfort when their skin is moist.

Adjustable closures

Eczema clothing may have adjustable closures, such as hook and loop fasteners, that allow for a customized fit. This is important for children with special needs who may have unique body shapes or require clothing that fits snugly.

Tagless design

Eczema clothing may also have a tagless design, which eliminates the discomfort and irritation caused by clothing tags rubbing against the skin.

When choosing eczema clothing for children with special needs, it is important to consider the child's individual needs and preferences. Some children may prefer certain fabrics or designs, and it may be helpful to involve them in the decision-making process. It is also important to ensure that the eczema clothing is properly cared for and washed to maintain its softness and protective properties.

Overall, eczema clothing can be a valuable tool for children with special needs who have eczema. By reducing discomfort and irritation, eczema clothing can help children to feel more comfortable and confident in their daily activities.