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Medical Practices

Hospitals, GPs, Dentists & Clinics

As we know, during the pandemic medical practices whether it be GPs, Dentists or Hospitals all removed toys from their settings to try and prevent the spread of germs. For children who struggle with anxiety or any medical condition that being in those scenarios affects this can worsen their feelings and cause further distress.  At Fledglings we have created a wipe down box of items that can easily sanitised once a child has finished with it. We believe that by having a box in your type of environment will help provide a calming feeling for those children who struggle. 

Contact delivers expert training and support to medical professionals and individual medical practitioners who work with families of children with SEND. This includes specific workshops for practitioners, bespoke intelligence gathering services, intelligence-led reports and bespoke resources. Find out more and contact us here. 

Alder Hey Children's Hospital

The team at Alder Hey approached us to source some sensory products for children of a variety of ages. The concept was to provide a box of sensory toys to a child on their arrival at the hospital to help them relax and be entertained. The main criteria here was these sensory toys had to be able to be sanitised after use as the boxes are passed onto another child visiting.

Due to some of the medical conditions these children suffer, having everything wipeable is essential. They must stand up to to being cleaned over and over.

We initially provided over 60 wipe down boxes to them, each carefully selected to help the children with anxiety and to have fun whilst spending time in hospital. 

Following on from the success of this, we supplied further boxes and was then asked to source items to help with sounds and light challenges. Some children are sensitive to noise and in a hospital there are many. The solution to this was to provide ear-defenders. As with the boxes they need to be re-used so we supplied them with disposable covers allowing them to be used multiple times.  

For light, this was a little more tricky. Some children are sensitive to the glare of the lights in hospital. After much searching we found a provider of sunglasses that could supply a range of different sizes and colours to suit children of all ages.

In addition to the product supplied, the Contact service side supported with information and guides to support the whole family. We don't just offer practical aids, we bring together a complete circle of support. 

Read more about the Alder Hey project.

Do you work in a medical practice and are looking for sensory equipment?

As you can see we can provide a range of solutions to any size medical practice from a hospital through to a small dental practice.

If you work for a Doctors surgery, clinic, dentist, hospital, ambulance station (these boxes are great for paramedics to have on board) or are an Occupational Therapist looking for solutions, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to advise on the best products to meet your needs and budget. Email us at or give us a call on 0203 319 9772. 

Purchase Orders and Payment Terms

We accept Purchase Orders and are happy to provide invoices your local authority may require. You can by:

  1. Email your Purchase Order to
  2. Call us on 020 3319 9972 and we can take the order over the telephone.

Please allow £4.95 for shipping.

Once the order is processed we will issue an invoice to the email address given and payment is due within 30 days.

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