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As a Charity, we are not-for-profit!

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SEENIN has been a supplier to Fledglings since we began back in 1998 when it was founded by Ruth LIngard MBE. 25 years of designing and supplying products that make a difference. 

Lucy's daughter, Hester was born in 1993 and was diagnosed with Aicardi syndrome at 8 weeks old. She is the inspiration behind Seenin and the beginning of our story.

Aicardi syndrome is fairly rare combining agenesis of the corpus callosum with visual impairment, epilepsy and many other features. Sufferers tend to fall under the profound and multiple disability heading and I soon learnt what this would entail not only in terms of her care but I also discovered how hard it was to find many of the items I needed to make her life more comfortable.

Lucy's first main project was to solve the problem of stylish but practical dribble protection. With a professional background in design she started experimenting with different fabrics and designs for her to wear each day. They needed to keep her neck dry, wash and tumble dry as well as absorb huge amounts of saliva!

As many business do Lucy realised, as sales of the dribble and feeding range grew almost accidentally, that there could be a market for her products further afield than her local area. The name SEENIN cam fro the fact the Hester and her friends wanted to be 'seen in' these items.

The Seenin range has now grown to include many other products Hester needed as well as some suggested by other customer customers, and they continue to add new lines all the time. 

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