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Let’s Talk About Anxiety Discussion Cards

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This resource includes 50 discussion cards and a comprehensive booklet filled with ideas on how to effectively use them. By promoting meaningful conversations and encouraging self-reflection, these cards are an invaluable tool for nurturing mental well-being and fostering personal growth.

As a Charity, any profit made from every purchase goes back to helping families with disabled children.

Product Description

Introducing the "Let's Talk About Anxiety Discussion Cards" by Ester R. A. Leutenberg and Carol Butler Cooper, a valuable resource designed to foster open dialogue and promote mental well-being. Authored by a team of best-selling writers, these cards provide a constructive platform for acknowledging the importance of conversation in enhancing mental health and overall well-being.

This card series encourages discussion across six vital areas: resilience, mindfulness, anxiety, anger & aggression, social skills, and problem-solving. Each set, specifically focusing on anxiety, comprises five key topics, with ten thought-provoking cards per topic. These cards are a versatile tool suitable for a wide range of groups and individuals aged 12 and up.

The "Anxiety" set explores topics such as mental and physical stress, types of anxiety, reasons for anxiety, thoughts, and actions. These cards serve multiple purposes:

  1. Ask non-threatening questions that initiate discussions.
  2. Encourage reflection, leading to insight and modification of thoughts, feelings, and actions.
  3. Present scenarios, quotes, or sentences for contemplation.
  4. Allow participants to evaluate their effectiveness in critical life skills.
  5. Foster engaging group discussions and open conversations.
  6. Encourage group collaboration in tackling challenging questions.
  7. Provide a safe space for individuals to explore their attitudes and personal experiences.
  8. Serve as a foundation for various activities, including diaries, creative expressions, games, board activities, and more.

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