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Little Tin of Niggles

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These niggles discussion cards are designed for teenagers aged 11-18, serving as a valuable resource for helping them navigate everyday irritations, manage anger, and foster emotional intelligence.

As a Charity, any profit made from every purchase goes back to helping families with disabled children.

Product Description

In the intricate tapestry of life, it's the little niggles that often unravel our patience and ignite anger. The Little Tin of Niggles is a set of discussion cards featuring 70 everyday irritations that can trigger anger and frustration. These seemingly insignificant moments can escalate into significant issues, causing disruptions in relationships, interfering with task focus, and even leading to more substantial conflicts. Recognising and addressing these niggles is a crucial life skill, and these cards provide a valuable platform to do so.

By addressing the small irritations that often go unnoticed but have significant impacts on daily life, the Little Tin of Niggles empowers teens to navigate their emotions, build resilience, and develop effective strategies for handling issues, ultimately contributing to healthier relationships and improved overall well-being.

Key Features:

  • 70 Real-Life Niggles: This set comprises 70 cards, each featuring an irritating moment that students have personally identified and confirmed. From someone borrowing your equipment without asking to being wrongly blamed for someone else's mistakes, these niggles cover a broad spectrum of common annoyances that teens face daily.
  • Empower with Solutions: By discussing and addressing these niggles openly, students can evolve effective strategies for handling issues appropriately as they arise. These cards offer a platform to recognize personal niggles and develop practical methods to deal with them, fostering emotional intelligence and conflict resolution skills.
  • Versatile Use: The Little Tin of Niggles is designed for flexibility and can be used with large groups, small groups, or individuals. Included are seven option cards to further enhance usability, along with teachers' notes that offer valuable suggestions for implementation.

Product Contents:

  • 70 Niggles Cards
  • 7 Option Cards
  • Teachers' Notes
  • Practical Storage Tin

Please note: These products are sold with their intended purpose as described. We cannot be held responsible for any misuse of items where physical force has been used to damage the product or where it had been used in a manner that it was not designed for. If in doubt of its suitability, please get in touch.

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