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Little Tin of Teenage Worries

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This thoughtfully designed discussion card set is ideal for teenagers aged 11 to 19. It provides a platform for open conversations and practical strategies to tackle life's worries, supporting teenagers on their journey toward resilience, empowerment, and emotional well-being.

As a Charity, any profit made from every purchase goes back to helping families with disabled children.

Product Description

Are you searching for a powerful resource to help teenagers navigate and address the challenges they face? The Little Tin of Teenage Worries is an invaluable set of discussion cards and strategies designed specifically for teenagers dealing with a wide range of worries.

Author Eve Wilson, a seasoned educator with over 40 years of experience, has curated these resources with deep knowledge of the challenges teenagers face. Her expertise shines through in the comprehensive selection of worries and strategies, making the Little Tin of Teenage Worries an essential tool for parents, educators, and therapists dedicated to helping teenagers effectively address their concerns.

Key Features:

  • 70 Common Teenage Worries: This card set addresses 70 worries commonly experienced by teenagers. These concerns are thoughtfully grouped into seven main areas that resonate with the teenage experience, including Social Networking, Peer Pressure, Personal Issues, The World Around, Home and Family, Relationships, and Career and Working Life. Worries range from dealing with peer pressure to making career choices, from handling family issues to navigating social media, and many more.
  • Effective Strategies: To guide teenagers in addressing their concerns, the Little Tin of Teenage Worries includes seven Solution Cards. These strategy cards provide insights on how to approach each worry and empower teens to choose an appropriate way to tackle individual concerns. Strategies range from seeking help and finding positives to gathering information and discerning who the worry belongs to.
  • Versatile Applications: These cards are suitable for various settings, including home, schools, and colleges. They not only cover the everyday issues teenagers encounter but can also be used to address a variety of mental health problems. The cards are flexible and can be employed with an individual teenager struggling with anxiety or in group settings. Different approaches are suggested, such as pairing up a "worrier" with an "adviser" or having an "observer" to document discussions.

Product Contents:

  • 70 Worry Cards
  • 7 Solution Cards
  • Guidance Notes

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