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Quester Switchbox


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Elevate your gaming experience with the Quester Switchbox, designed to bring added accessibility and ease of use to PC gameplay. Whether you're navigating complex game environments or need precise control with assistive switches, the Quester Switchbox offers the flexibility and functionality to meet your needs. Simply plug it in and enjoy a more accessible gaming experience.

As a Charity, any profit made from every purchase goes back to helping families with disabled children.

Product Description

Quester Switchbox is a simple USB device for achieving PC game play using assistive switches. Six 3.5mm sockets are provided, the functions of which are set by selecting one of four Levels. Levels 1-3 are fixed function, whereas each socket in Level 4 can be programmed to be any key on the keyboard or a mouse click, plus some gaming specific functions such as Latching W, A, S or D (see table 2 for a full list of available functions).

A seventh socket is dedicated to changing Level so the player can navigate between Levels without requiring assistance. Alternatively, this may be achieved using a button on the fascia of Quester Switchbox.

Levels 1 and 2 are configured for navigation within a range of games, whereas Level 3 allows weapons to be selected or similar functions, dependent on the game. And due to its programmable nature, Level 4 can be whatever you need it to be.

Level 4 is programmed using a simple and unique method that requires no software to be loaded onto the PC. Once each socket on Level 4 has been configured, the settings are saved in the Quester Switchbox internal memory and are automatically recalled even if the computer is turned off or the switchbox moved to a different computer.

The provision of Latching W, A, S and D functions allows the player to walk or run in any direction indefinitely, leaving hands free for other functions. Sticky* and Latching Modifiers further add to the programmability to allow unique combinations of functions to be created. An example of this could be if you require a switch to perform Sticky Shift, then another key, in order to create a capital letter.

The unit requires no drivers- simply plug it into an available USB port and play!

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 (Defaults)
W 1 Space
A 2 Tab
S 3 Shift
D 4 Ctrl
Left Click Escape 5 Latching-w
Right Click Enter 6 Caps

Table 1: Quester Switchbox functions

Sticky modifiers stay selected once pressed until the next switch has been pressed. For example, make one socket Sticky Shift and another the w key. First press and release Sticky Shift and then press w and you will get capital W. A further press of w will return lower case w, i.e. the sticky shift has now cancelled. This is equivalent to the Windows definition of Sticky Keys.

Letters a-z
Latching w, a, s and d
Numbers 0-9
Space, Backspace, Tab, Escape, Caps
All punctuation marks
F1-F12 keys
Momentary Modifier keys (Shift, Alt, Ctrl, Gui)
Sticky Modifier keys
Latching Modifier keys
Left Click, Right Click
Cursor Movements

Table 2: Available functions in Level 4.


  • Specifically to provide added accessibility and ease of use, for PC game play- gives access to W, A, S and D and Arrow Key functions as separate switches.
  • Great alongside a Quester Joystick too!
  • Three Levels with fixed functions, one programmable Level.
  • Programmable Level 4 allows the function of each socket to be set to ANY keystroke including
  • Modifier keys (Shift, Ctrl, Alt and Gui), or any mouse click. Modifier keys can be Momentary, ‘Sticky’ or Latching.
  • Latching W, A, S and D also available in Level 4.
  • Also gives direct access to cursor movement in eight directions at three differing speeds, Left Click and Right Click.
  • Six 3.5mm jack socket inputs allow any style of switch to be used.
  • Seventh socket to allow Level to be selected by user.
  • Easy 'plug and play' installation, does not require driver software.

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