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Rocker - Good Wood

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The Good Wood Rocker is a versatile and stylish toy that promotes motor skills development and supports balance training. It can be used as a rocker, climbing wall, table, and balance beam, and is designed with safety in mind using high-quality, certified materials. The rocker can be used from the first days of a child's life.

Colour: White

As a Charity, any profit made from every purchase goes back to helping families with disabled children.

Product Description

The Good Wood Rocker is pure joy and an unfettered gateway for your child's development. Close the eyes and vision a ship on rough water, a spaceship or a bridge to a lost world. Add the additional modules to the Good Wood Rocker and it will become a climbing wall, a table and a giant balance beam. It is multifunctional and stylish and it is guaranteed it will serve you for years. It supports motor skills development and the look pleases your eyes.

Good Wood Rocker is fantastic for training balance so important for a healthy body and mind. Its proper development is the basis for learning to read and write, spatial orientation and eye-hand coordination. The rocker is also a cradle, educational frame, and table base for a child.

Good Wood Rocker is all about safety and quality:
Good Wood rocker is designed and manufactured with safety in mind. This is the priority of Good Wood toys. They use only high-quality, certified materials for their production. They avoid sharp ends and corners that could pose a potential danger during play. At the same time, in accordance with the principles of Montessori, they attach importance to the aesthetic value of the toys offered, the natural beauty of which is intended to encourage children to undertake various activities. As a result, each Good Wood rocker is a harmonious combination of functionality, safety, durability and uncompromising precision of workmanship - values that should characterise all children's toys.


  • Size: 50x60x100cm
  • Colours: Black, Grey, Natural Wood, White
  • Weight: 8.5kg
  • Recommended Age: 1-6 years

What is the minimum height for a child?
The rocking chair can be used from the first days of a child's life. If you line the inside of the rocker with a soft material, you can rock the baby in it for a while. If your baby is already sitting, he or she can rock in it for as long as he or she wants. This means that no minimum height or weight limit limits the use of the rocker.

Swinging/rocking stimulates the vestibular system - a part of the nervous system that influences the regulation of muscle tension and the organisation of attention. Rocking is a great way to calm down anxiety and regulate hormonal balance. It has a great effect on the breathing and ventilation mechanism as well as the circulatory system and metabolism. This is our recipe for calming down, subtle stimulation and fun.

What is the maximum load on the rocker?
The load capacity of the rocker, tested by standards, is 50 kg. However, to be safe, the rocker has been tested by for a load of 100 kg. The toy remains in one piece, although the general recommendation is still up to 50kg.

Please note: These products are sold with their intended purpose as described. We cannot be held responsible for any misuse of items where physical force has been used to damage the product or where it had been used in a manner that it was not designed for. If in doubt of its suitability, please get in touch.

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