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Sensory Platform Swing- Good Wood

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The Good Wood Sensory Platform has two sides. One side is like a flying carpet - it's fun to play on and develops gross motor skills. The other side is a graphomotor board, helping children prepare for writing. It's a wonderful adventure that engages all senses.

As a Charity, any profit made from every purchase goes back to helping families with disabled children.

Product Description

This platform has two sides – one you'll notice immediately, and the other side will surprise you after a while. Good Wood Sensory Platform resembles a flying carpet because you can swing and balance on it – it’s a lot of fun to play and a fantastic way to develop gross motor skills. On the other side, the platform is a graphomotor board, thanks to which preparation for learning to write becomes a beautiful adventure – a game of imagination and discovering the world with all senses (i.e. polysensory).

Before a toddler starts drawing lines or putting the first letters, he has to develop fine motor skills – learn to use his hand and fingers. This is what playing with the platform is for – by running a finger or brush over the shapes carved on it, the child exercises precision and prepares his hand for writing. For fun, you can use natural fragrant materials (cloves, cinnamon, anise), which will stimulate other senses – a toddler equipped with a brush will feel like an archaeologist discovering ancient hieroglyphs.

If you additionally include music introducing the atmosphere (e.g. oriental and a bit fairy-tale), all senses will be involved in learning to write. This is the essence of multi-sensory teaching, pioneered by Maria Montessori.

Good Wood took care of a nice, modern design and ecological, friendly materials. 

The sensory platform consists of:

  • Sensory platform in natural wood
  • Four ropes -4 meters each
  • Four buttons for adjusting the length of the ropes
  • Four hooks and screws for attaching to the ceiling

What are the dimensions of the platform?

  • Platform Size: 100x60cm, thickness 15mm
  • Ropes - 4m long each

What materials is Good Wood Sensory Platform made of?

  • Platform and buttons: We used hardwood plywood with all the necessary approvals to make them. The platform is made of top-grade plywood with a thickness of 15mm.
  • Ropes - braided from polypropylene silk, with a polypropylene core

Where can you use Good Wood Sensory platform?

  • The sensory platform can be assembled in any place where kids play - bedroom, nursery, sensory room, kids corner. Make sure children are supervised at the time of play.

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