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Set of Wooden Tracking Boards - GOOD WOOD


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Introduce your child to a world of fun, imagination, and skill development with our Graphomotor Boards. Crafted to seamlessly blend play and learning, these tracking boards are the perfect tool to enhance fine motor skills and prepare your child for the exciting journey of writing.

Age: Toddler
Colour: Black

As a Charity, any profit made from every purchase goes back to helping families with disabled children.

Product Description

Unlock the World of Creativity and Fine Motor Skills with Graphomotor Boards - Ideal for SEN Development

How It Works:
By effortlessly guiding a finger, feather, stick, or brush over the intricately engraved shapes on the boards, your child engages in a playful exercise that hones precision and readies the hand for writing. This engaging activity serves as a delightful lesson in calligraphy, fostering manual dexterity and laying the groundwork for proficient writing.

Multisensory Exploration:
Each set of six double-sided plates introduces your child to various patterns, transforming the learning process into a multisensory adventure. Natural aromatic materials like cloves, cinnamon, and aniseed can be incorporated, stimulating multiple senses and adding an extra layer of sensory delight to the learning experience.

Creative Possibilities:
These Graphomotor Boards go beyond traditional learning tools. They double as molds for colourful homemade dough, turning your child into a sculptor, printer, and artist. These exercises offer opportunities to refine pencil and crayon usage, correct writing grip, and instill proper handwriting direction.

Eco-Friendly and Modern Design:
Crafted by Good Wood, these boards feature a contemporary design coupled with eco-friendly materials, ensuring sustainable and responsible fun for your child.

Each set includes:
  • 3 double-sided plates with 6 designs
  • Wooden stylus
  • Wooden brush
  • Two Variants for Different Age Groups:

Graphomotoric Tables for Toddlers (3-4 years old): Designed with easier, uncomplicated patterns.
Graphomotoric Tables for Juniors (4 and above): Tailored for older children with more challenging patterns.


  • Tracking Boards: Hardwood plywood with a melamine film, meeting all necessary approvals. Crafted from high-quality 18 mm thick plywood.
  • Stylus: Beech wood
  • Brush: Beech wood with natural bristle


  • Board dimensions: 15x21cm, thickness of 1.8cm

Storage and Display:
Hang these beautifully crafted slates in your child's room, transforming them into minimalist decorations that showcase both learning and creativity.

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