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Soothing Sounds Night Light

SKU: 2207

Regular price £35.99  (£29.99 ex VAT)
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The Soothing Sounds Night Light offers a collection of peaceful melodies and realistic nature sounds. It's portable and helps with insomnia and relaxation. It also features a light with a breathing regulation function. The timer function ensures uninterrupted sleep. It's helpful for individuals seeking restful sleep and comes with 12 nature sounds and 6 white noise options.

As a Charity, any profit made from every purchase goes back to helping families with disabled children.

Product Description

The Soothing Sounds Night Light offers a collection of 20 realistic nature sounds and peaceful melodies. This portable device serves as an effective solution for insomnia and can also help alleviate tinnitus. Additionally, it includes a night light with a breathing regulation feature to promote relaxation.

With the timer function, you can set the duration before the night light powers down, ensuring uninterrupted sleep. This portable solution incorporates a helpful pulsating night light to aid in proper relaxation and a restful night's sleep. It is a suitable aid for individuals experiencing insomnia or seeking to mask the effects of tinnitus.

  • Choice of 20 high-quality sounds including12 nature sounds, 6 white noises and 2 classical compositions.
  • Night light with a slow pulsing option to regulate breathing and encourage relaxation.
  • Volume control and optional 3-stage timer.
  • USB rechargeable with up to a 30-hour run time from a 9-hour charge

Who / What is this suitable for?

Calming, soothing, and managing over stimulation

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