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Test-IT! provides a quick and easy way to test your switches, such as the Pretorian Technologies Smoothie, before beginning work with them.

As a Charity, any profit made from every purchase goes back to helping families with disabled children.

Product Description

The TEST-IT! switch tester from Pretorian Technologies provides a quick and easy way to test your switches, such as the Pretorian Technologies Smoothie, before starting your activities. This handy tool is especially valuable when working with multiple switches, switch interfaces, computer equipment, and various users, saving you time and ensuring your equipment is functioning correctly.


  • Universal Compatibility: Tests all switches with a 3.5mm jack plug.
  • Easy Operation: Simply plug the switch into the socket; the orange LED lights up to indicate power. Press the switch, and the green LED lights up to confirm the switch is fully functional.
  • Portable Design: Lightweight and easy to carry, making it convenient for use in different settings.
  • Battery Operated: Long battery life ensures the tester is ready whenever you need it.

Used For:

  • Switch Activities: Ensure your switches are functioning properly before engaging in switch-activated activities, enhancing the user experience and reducing downtime.

Ideal For:

  • Teachers, therapists, and caregivers who work with assistive technology.
  • Environments with multiple users and switches where quick and reliable testing is essential.
  • Any setting where the functionality of switches needs to be verified regularly.

Additional Information

Using the TEST-IT! switch tester from Pretorian Technologies simplifies the process of verifying switch functionality, providing peace of mind and efficiency in environments where assistive technology is essential.

Please note: These products are sold with their intended purpose as described. We cannot be held responsible for any misuse of items where physical force has been used to damage the product or where it had been used in a manner that it was not designed for. If in doubt of its suitability, please get in touch.

Shipping Info

This item comes directly from the supplier; therefore, please allow a few extra days for delivery.

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