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Daily Affirmations Pocket Chart

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Normalna cena Cena sprzedaży   £23.99  (£19.99 z podatku VAT)

Support your childs confidence and resilience with the Daily Affirmations Pocket Chart!

Jako organizacja charytatywna każdy zysk uzyskany z każdego zakupu jest przeznaczany na pomoc rodzinom z niepełnosprawnymi dziećmi.

Opis produktu

This is an invaluable tool designed to empower children and cultivate their perseverance, resilience, and self-esteem - the Daily Affirmations Pocket Chart. This comprehensive resource is meticulously curated to foster positive growth and self-awareness, making it an indispensable asset for both classrooms and homes.


Complete Affirmations Set: Our pocket chart boasts an all-encompassing assortment of 41 cards, each thoughtfully created to inspire, motivate, and uplift. This set includes:
  • 24 double-sided affirmation cards, serving as powerful reminders of self-worth and positivity.
  • 5 cards dedicated to organising name sticks, streamlining daily routines with ease.
  • 12 double-sided write-and-wipe customisable cards, encouraging personal expression and growth.
Reflective Affirmation Cards: Within the set, discover 36 affirmation cards meticulously designed to spark self-reflection and nurture a positive outlook. These cards become companions on a journey towards enhanced self-esteem and mental resilience.

Empowering Customisation: Foster creativity and self-expression in children with 12 write-and-wipe customizable cards. These cards encourage children to articulate their unique thoughts, bolstering their sense of identity and confidence.

Mirror of Positivity: Included is an affirmation mirror, ingeniously crafted to be a reflection of not only physical appearance but also inner strength. As children recite affirmations while gazing into the mirror, they internalize self-assuredness in an impactful way.

  • Build Resilience: Instill the values of perseverance and resilience through the power of daily affirmations, equipping children with tools to face challenges head-on.
  • Boost Self-Esteem: Elevate self-esteem by fostering a deep sense of self-worth and appreciation for one's unique qualities.
  • Cultivate Self-Awareness: Encourage self-awareness, enabling children to understand their emotions and thoughts, and promoting emotional intelligence.
  • Nurture Growth Mindset: Lay the foundation for a growth mindset as children embrace positivity and see challenges as opportunities for growth.
  • Strengthen Relationships: Create an empowering environment where parents, teachers, and children collaborate to foster holistic personal development.

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