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Rolling for Feelings

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Normalna cena Cena sprzedaży   £13.99  (£11.66 z podatku VAT)

Ignite Emotional Intelligence and Empathy with "Rolling for Feelings" – The Ultimate SEL (Social Emotional Learning) Game for Children!

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Opis produktu

Unleash the power of imagination and emotions with "Rolling for Feelings," a captivating social-emotional learning activity set designed to nurture children's theory of mind development through engaging play-based learning. This innovative game invites young minds aged 5 and up to explore feelings, express themselves creatively, and cultivate empathy in an interactive and enjoyable manner.

Key Features:

Vibrant Wooden Dice Set: This comprehensive set includes 7 durable wooden dice:
  • 3 Emotions Dice showcasing a total of 18 distinct emotions, allowing children to connect with and understand a wide range of feelings.
  • 3 Character Dice that spark storytelling and role-playing possibilities, stimulating creativity and character development.
  • 1 Symbol Die offering 3 levels of gameplay, adding an extra layer of excitement and variety.
Interactive Gameplay: "Rolling for Feelings" is designed for 1–4 players, making it perfect for individual exploration or group play. The game involves rolling the blue Action Cube to determine the game mode: Tell a Story, Draw a Scene, or Act it Out. Players then combine emotions and characters by rolling the Feelings and Character Cubes, sparking meaningful interactions and imaginative play.

Empathy Building: Through storytelling prompts and hands-on play, children learn to identify, understand, and express their own emotions while also practicing empathy as they step into the shoes of different characters. This nurtures emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills crucial for personal growth.

Mindfulness and Creativity: "Rolling for Feelings" not only fosters emotional awareness but also encourages mindfulness and creativity. As children engage in imaginative storytelling and role-playing, they enhance their cognitive abilities and expressiveness.

Educational Resources: The game comes complete with a 27cm x 43cm feelings poster, enriching the learning experience and providing visual cues to aid emotional expression and comprehension.

Child-Friendly Design: The wooden dice are crafted with rounded corners for effortless rolling, appealing illustrations that captivate young minds, and a size perfect for comfortable handling by little hands.

  • Empower Emotional Expression: Promote emotional literacy as children explore and discuss various emotions, helping them articulate their feelings effectively.
  • Foster Empathy: Encourage understanding and empathy as children take on different character roles and engage in storytelling.
  • Enhance Creativity: Spark imagination through creative gameplay, enabling children to construct stories and scenarios that boost their creative thinking.
  • Build Interpersonal Skills: Develop essential interpersonal skills such as communication, cooperation, and active listening in a dynamic and enjoyable context.
  • Elevate your child's social-emotional growth with "Rolling for Feelings," where learning and play merge seamlessly to create lasting impressions and connections. Unlock the world of emotions, empathy, and creativity – Order Now!
  • 7 Jumbo Wooden Dice (3 Emotions Dice, 3 Character Dice, 1 Symbol Die)
  • 1 Feelings Poster (27cm x 43cm)
  • Suitable for 1–4 Players

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Calming, soothing, and managing over stimulation ,Interoception, communication, feelings, PDA , anxiety , emotional regulation,

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