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Senseez Soothable Vibe Massager

SKU: SENZ33819 5 w magazynie

Normalna cena £16.99  (£14.16 z podatku VAT)
Normalna cena Cena sprzedaży   £16.99  (£14.16 z podatku VAT)

Provide your child with the soothing embrace of the Senseez Soothables Vibe Massager – an effective and convenient solution to promote relaxation and focus in various settings.

Style: Lil Jelly

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Opis produktu

Introducing the Senseez Soothables Vibe Massager – Your On-the-Go Calming Companion!

Experience portable tranquility with our Senseez Soothables Vibe Massager – the perfect solution for soothing vibrations that aid in relaxation and focus, especially for children who find it challenging to sit still during school, meals, or homework.

Key Features:

  • Squeeze for Serenity: Give it a gentle squeeze and feel the soothing vibrations that promote relaxation and concentration. An ideal tool for children dealing with restlessness, it supports focus during various daily activities.
  • Tailored for Sensory Needs: Specifically designed to address the sensory needs of children, this vibe massager is perfect for those with conditions like autism, ADHD, SPD, and more. It helps enhance sensory skills, making daily tasks more manageable.
  • Focus and Concentration: Elevate your child's focus and concentration with the calming effects of the Soothables Vibe Massager. Whether it's study time or mealtime, this portable solution aids in creating a conducive environment for better attention.
  • Tactile Sensitivity Support: Tactile sensitivities are met with care as the gentle vibrations provide a comforting touch. The massager's design considers the diverse sensory preferences of children, ensuring a positive experience.
  • Suitable for Hypersensitivity: For children dealing with hypersensitivity, our vibe massager offers a gentle and controlled sensory input, helping them navigate their surroundings more comfortably.
  • Recommended for Ages 3+: This versatile calming companion is suitable for children aged 3 and above, making it an excellent addition to sensory support tools for young ones.

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    Sensory Stimulation, Repetitive action, Pressure, massage, press, stretch, pull

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