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Traffic Light Think Fan

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Normalna cena Cena sprzedaży   £7.29  (£6.08 z podatku VAT)

The Traffic Light Fan is a visual guide to communicate stop, think or ok. The fan can also be used to play games with children or used as a traffic light to support children in thinking about their behaviour and actions using positive reinforcement.

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Opis produktu

The fan contains four petals, three of which are individually coloured like traffic lights to encourage thinking and communication e.g. the green petal can be used to offer a child praise, amber to ask the child to think about what they are doing and red to stop what they are doing.

The fan is great for use at home, out and about or in an educational setting. Children can also show the parent/carer how they feel about an activity, by showing you the colour, e.g. green everything is fine, amber they need a little support or red for they do not understand the activity.

This fan can be used in everyday situations to help children or those with additional learning needs to communicate how what they need in everyday situations by using some clear visual illustrations. This can help to prevent anger and frustration for a child or person who is not understood by others or has trouble communicating which in turn can help to build their confidence and develop their language and independence.

Showing children one image at a time can help them process the current situation around them. The images are easy to understand to help the learner and carer to communicate more effectively and can help to teach appropriate behaviours. This can be particularly useful for children with autism, learning difficulties or limited speech.

The fans are double laminated for extra strength and are 125mm tall and 45mm at their widest point and can be easily popped into your bag if you are on the go. Use it for school, at home or days out.

Please note that this product is not a toy and should be used under adult supervision.

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Calming, soothing, and managing overstimulation, Grounding and reassurance

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125mm tall and 45mm at their widest point.

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