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Dinaar kasta oo la kharash gareeyo waxa ay caawisaa qoysaska xidhiidhka.

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Playzone Fit Twist N Spin

SKU: B4APLZ608Hadda Saamigoodii

Qiimaha joogtada ah £15.99
Qiimaha joogtada ah Qiimaha iibka   £15.99

Sit or stand on the Playzone Fit Twist N Spin for non-stop spinning and twirling. Easy to use, just a simple push of the ground gets the spinning started!

Sadaqo ahaan, faa'iido kasta oo laga helo iibsi kasta waxay dib ugu noqotaa caawinta qoysaska leh carruurta naafada ah.

Sharaxaada Alaabta

Waxay dhiirigelisaa isku dheelitirnaanta oo waxay dhistaa xoogga asaasiga ah iyadoo la siinayo saacado aan la tirin karin oo madadaalo ah. Isticmaal Fit Twist N Spin inta lagu jiro wakhtiga ciyaarta ama daawashada TV-ga jimicsi madadaalo leh!

Aalad aad u fiican oo qayb ka ah nidaamka ciyaarta gudaha ee firfircoon.

Qeexida alaabta: 

  • Cabirka: dhexroorka 25cm.
  • Miisaanka ugu badan: 175lbs.
  • Ku habboon carruurta da'doodu tahay 3+

Yaa / Maxay tani ku habboon tahay?

balance, spatial awareness, and gross motor skills, Proprioception, Vestibular

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sarah Hollands
Amazing- surpassed all expectations

My son is 8yr and autistic. He absolutely loves spinning and already had a Gonge carousel. He took to it straight away and I was really impressed with how fast it can spin! He can also sit crossed legged and hurl himself round at a rate of knots! 😂
Suffice to say he is delighted with it and has been happily spinning since Christmas Day!
Highly recommended and I love the fact it’s portable as well! Brilliant little thing!

It is a sight to behold when little ones spin on it, isn't it? I want an adult one! I'm glad it is working for him, and it's keeping him spinning right up to now!
Sarah -Fledglings

Jenny Barkell
Great for those who like spinning

My kids love to spin so I bought this for them to go alongside their bigger spinner as well as being small enough to take around with us if needed.

The only downfall is the sticker protecting the bolt in the middle is starting to peel off - otherwise a great product!

Sharon Cowan

My daughter loves spinning and being older (14) we struggle to get anything to suit her needs but this is perfect, we leave it out and she can use whenever she likes, easy to carry around also.

Great value for money

Works really well, good for stimming and building core strength. Really good to have an active indoor toy for rainy days! And because it is flat you can push it away under the sofa when not in use. Great value.

Vicky Sherriff

Very good item and good service

Hi Vicky, Thank you for review on the playzone fit n twist we are pleased that you like the item and our service. Thank you for shopping with us at Fledglings
Best Regards

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