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Ururinta: Down's Syndrome

People who have Down’s Syndrome have a range of abilities and will have some level of learning disability.

We offer a wide range of products that will help children with a number of disabilities and many overlap. This collection has been created not to be all encompassing, but to focus on some key items that we have researched to help those children with Down's Syndrome. For the reasons why we have chosen these products scroll to the bottom and read on.

If you are looking for sensory toys have a look at that collection.  

Down's Syndrome Association

Qiimaha ugu sarreeya waa £229.99 Dib u dajin

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Qiimaha ugu sarreeya waa £229.99


45 alaabta

  • TomTag - Xidhmada Qaybaha
  • Diyaarinta Cutlery Tababarka Xakamaynta Xeeldheer
  • Abiligrip
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  • sharabaadada jidhka
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  • Sensory Light Up Maraca - Sensory ToysSensory Light Up Maraca - Sensory Toys
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    Dareenka Iftiinka Maraca
  • Xidhmada Istiika ee TomTag - Dareenka & Dareenka
  • Xidhmada Istiika ee TomTag - Out & About
  • Latches Board - Melissa & Doug
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  • Xirmada TomTag Sticker - Jadwalka Dugsiga
  • Vehicles Sound Puzzle - Sensory ToysVehicles Sound Puzzle - Sensory Toys
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    Gawaarida Halxiraalaha Dhawaaqa - Melissa & Doug
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    Xayawaanka Codka Halxiraalaha - Melissa & Doug
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  • Zoo Sound Puzzle - Sensory ToysZoo Sound Puzzle - Sensory Toys
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    Xujada Codka Xayawaanka - Melissa & Doug
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  • Qalabka garaaca ee TickiT 16pk
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  • Large Light Up Tambourine
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  • Dhagaha Dajinta
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  • Dhagaha Dajinta
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  • EDX Education Streamers 6pk - Learning ResourceEDX Education Streamers 6pk - Learning Resource
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    EDX Waxbarashada Streamers 6pk
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  • Calmer Secure Dhagaha
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  • Jidka dheellitirka waxbarashada EDX 28pk
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Through our research we have found that the key areas of support that children with Down’s Syndrome need is with; low muscle tone, decreased dexterity, developmental delays and participation in social events and communities.
Parents, you know much more than we do, please feel free to correct us and help us improve. Fledglings@contact.org.uk

Fine Motor Skills

To Improve dexterity and strength in shoulders, arms, and hands we have focussed on products that will help with fine motor skills such as:

Air Cushions – helps keep the body upright and alert.
Tambourines and Maracas to hold and shake
Keyboards – Using individual fingers to type helps with using and stretching the fingers
Adapted Cutlery

Gross Motor Skills

To Improve Balance, Co-ordination, Promotion Exercise and Movement products such as:

Scooter and Balance Boards
Balance beams and stepping stones
Jumping products – trampolines
Dance Packs and Streamers
Bodysocks for spatial awareness
Weighted products for grounding

Hearing and Hearing Loss

Sound products help to promote movement and activity and some children however need help with loud noises and would benefit from noise reducing aids:

Percussion instruments
Earplugs / Ear Defenders

Speech and Communication Aids

Many children with Down’s Syndrome develop non-verbal skills earlier than they develop verbal communication skills. We have several items such as:

TomTags communication packs
Bag of Buddies for emotions

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