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You may have noticed on our checkout page that Fledglings is now offering Klarna as a payment option.

The team at Fledglings and Contact gave careful consideration to offering this option. We are acutely aware that offering to spread the cost of goods can, for some, lead to a slippery slope of buying what they cannot really afford.

However, the parents that we spoke with said that if they need to buy an item of necessity that is of a larger value such as a Waterproof Mattress this options allows them to do so.  Based on this and weighing up the options of necessity we have decided to bring this option in.

If you are struggling, we recommend you contact our helpline within Contact 0808 808 3555 alternatively look at some of the following resources.

Grants, loans, savings & welfare assistance schemes

Online Grants Search

* Read Klarna's Terms and Conditions

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