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Ururinta: Gifts for Teens and Young Adults

Buying for teens is never an easy task and here we have the intersection of style, functionality, and tech-savviness lies our curated collection of products for teens and young adults. Whether you're looking to make a fashion statement, stay punctual, or enhance your digital experience, we've got you covered with a range of watches, jewellery, and iPad / tablet stands that cater to your unique needs and preferences.

1. Watches: Timeless Accessories

Elevate your wrist game with our trendy selection of teen watches. From sleek minimalist designs to vibrant and eye-catching timepieces, our collection allows you to express your personal style effortlessly. These watches not only keep you punctual but also make a bold fashion statement, ensuring you're always on time and in vogue.

2. Jewellery: Personalised Elegance

Our jewellery pieces are more than adornments; they're expressions of your individuality. Whether you prefer subtle elegance or bold statements, our teen jewelry collection offers a wide array of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings to complement your style. Discover pieces that resonate with your personality and make each day a unique fashion journey.

3. iPad Stands: Elevate Your Digital World

For the tech-savvy teen, our iPad stands are the perfect companions. Whether you're streaming your favorite content, attending virtual classes, or gaming with friends, these stands provide ergonomic support and style to enhance your digital experience. With adjustable angles and sturdy designs, they're a must-have for your tech arsenal.

Qiimaha ugu sarreeya waa £103.99 Dib u dajin

20 alaabta

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20 alaabta


Qiimaha ugu sarreeya waa £103.99


20 alaabta

  • Difaacayaasha Dhegaha ee Carruurta waxaa qoray ...
    £14.99  (£12.49 laga bilaabo VAT)
  • Kubadda Cuddle Dareenka
    £29.99  (£24.99 laga bilaabo VAT)
  • Dhagaha Dajinta
    £19.99  (£16.66 laga bilaabo VAT)
  • Dhagaha Dajinta
    £19.99  (£16.66 laga bilaabo VAT)
  • Calmer Secure Dhagaha
    £24.99  (£20.83 laga bilaabo VAT)
  • Kiiska iPadka ee Qalabka Meelaynta Flexzi
  • Flexzi 1 HD Aaladda meelaynta dhexdhexaadka ah
  • Qalabka Meelaynta Flexzi 3
    £4.99  (£4.16 laga bilaabo VAT)
  • Talking Big Digit Watch
    £21.99  (£18.33 laga bilaabo VAT)
  • Men's Stainless Steel Spinning Band Ring
    £16.99  (£14.16 laga bilaabo VAT)
  • Flexzi 2 HD Qalabka Meelaynta
    £79.99  (£66.66 laga bilaabo VAT)
  • Chronograph Talking Atomic Watch
    £65.99  (£54.99 laga bilaabo VAT)
    £9.99  (£8.33 laga bilaabo VAT)
  • Weighted Blanket Hoodie - Large
    Ka £98.99 (£82.49 laga bilaabo VAT)
  • Elastic Therapy Hammock
    £103.19  (£85.99 laga bilaabo VAT)
  • Green Body Sock - Sensory EquipmentGreen Body Sock - Sensory Equipment
    • large (max 155cm)
    • x large ( max 165cm)
    • xx large ( max 175cm)
    • xxx large (max 190cm)
    Bakhaarka ka baxay
    Green Body Sock
    Ka £49.99
  • Daisy Spinner Ring
    £12.99  (£10.83 laga bilaabo VAT)
  • Gemstone Fidget Necklace
    £22.99  (£19.16 laga bilaabo VAT)
  • Talking Atomic Watch
    £59.99  (£49.99 laga bilaabo VAT)
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