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Hobbledehoo 3 Child Harness

SKU: H51023-P Please note: First Class is not available on this item

Qiimaha joogtada ah £34.99  (£29.16 laga bilaabo VAT)
Qiimaha joogtada ah Qiimaha iibka   £34.99  (£29.16 laga bilaabo VAT)

The Hobbledehoo 3 Child Harness offers extra support for kids aged 1-7 during activities like skiing or beach trips. It provides grip and lifts for safety around water and stability during slips. It's also great for walking and public transport, with double handles for easy catching and lifting. Designed for skiing, it allows for secure control without holding onto clothing and has a rear handle for easy pick-up.

Colour: Pink

Sadaqo ahaan, faa'iido kasta oo laga helo iibsi kasta waxay dib ugu noqotaa caawinta qoysaska leh carruurta naafada ah.

Sharaxaada Alaabta

The Hobbledehoo 3 Child Harness is designed for ifor ages 1-7 years  who may have additional needs or may need support and safety during activities like skiing or at the beach . It allows for easy holding, grabbing, or lifting of the person, ensuring complete control.

Road Safety & Beaches

It is perfect for children wearing wetsuits around water. It gives peace of mind and control when they slip and stumble. It's also great for walking and travelling on public transport to keep them upright and safe.

Skiing Training

The harness design is great for skiing as it allows for secure control without having to hold onto clothing. The double handles are at a convenient height for adults to catch stumbling or falling children without having to stoop down. Picking up a child is also easier with the rear handle as their legs naturally fall back to the floor.


  • Front and rear grab handles to catch them when they stumble or to pick them up when they fall.
  • Easy adjustability with clips around the chest. Quick-release straps over shoulders that extend over helmets for ease of getting on and off.
  • Twin-clipped detachable safety leash for use when close restraint is required. The leash extends to a single handle to hold it.
  • High visibility reflective shoulder stripes and rear logo for dusk hours and low visibility occasions.
  • Additional padding applied in all panels
  • Reinforcement on all attachments and handles

Hobbledehoo Small - Suitable for ages 1- 6 or 7 years - Chest = 45cm to 60cm (18"-24")

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