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Ururinta: Bundlebean

Bundlebean Logo

BundleBean began in 2011 by Emily a mum who was frustrated with the mountains of baby ‘kit’ that seemed necessary when she had two toddlers. Inspired by compact and high-functioning camping products, she designed the BundleBean Go: waterproof, durable, simple to use and totally universal. It was a runaway success, winning multiple awards and is now on sale all over the world.

She then expanded the range with products specifically designed to support longer term babywearing, toddler ponchos and co-ordinating accessories. 

Following many requests, they then developed a cover for wheelchair users and we are now delighted to be market leaders in the disability sector.  Their cosy covers are loved by kids and adults alike and are now joined by a range of carefully designed ponchos and accessories. It is this range that has been brought into Fledglings since the end of 2022 and is flying off the shelves.

Qiimaha ugu sarreeya waa £139.99 Dib u dajin

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Qiimaha ugu sarreeya waa £139.99


7 alaabta

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  • £139.99  (£116.66 laga bilaabo VAT)
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