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Ururinta: Bathtime

Introducing our collection of bath aids specially designed for children and young adults with disabilities. We understand that bath time should be a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone, and our range of bath aids aims to make that a reality. The supportive bath seats and chairs provide comfort and assistance during bath time, ensuring that every child can have a soothing and fun bathing experience. We believe that these bath aids not only enhance safety but also promote independence and confidence in children and young adults with disabilities, making bath time a joyful part of their daily routine.

Qiimaha ugu sarreeya waa £1,497.99 Dib u dajin

9 alaabta

Kala sooc


9 alaabta


Qiimaha ugu sarreeya waa £1,497.99


9 alaabta

  • Robby Bathing Support
    Ka £1,496.99 (£1,247.49 laga bilaabo VAT)
  • Otter Bath Stand
    £185.99  (£154.99 laga bilaabo VAT)
  • Otter Bath Chair
    Ka £226.00 (£188.33 laga bilaabo VAT)
  • Penguin Bathing Support
    £590.99  (£492.49 laga bilaabo VAT)
  • Bath Corner Seat
    Ka £478.99 (£399.16 laga bilaabo VAT)
  • HP-A Hydrotherapy Head Protection
    Ka £737.99 (£614.99 laga bilaabo VAT)
  • Floating Bath Thermometer
    £9.99  (£8.33 laga bilaabo VAT)
  • Plui Rain Cloud
    £11.49  (£9.58 laga bilaabo VAT)
  • Nuugista Bar oo leh Tilmaamayaal
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