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Dinaar kasta oo la kharash gareeyo waxa ay caawisaa qoysaska xidhiidhka.

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Ururinta: Caawinta Isgaadhsiinta

Ururintan walxaha waxa loogu talagalay in lagu caawiyo carruurta ku dhibtoonaysa hadalkooda, luqaddooda ama wada xidhiidhka guud.

Qiimaha ugu sarreeya waa £329.99 Dib u dajin

97 alaabta

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97 alaabta


Qiimaha ugu sarreeya waa £329.99


97 alaabta

  • Multi-Sensory Activities for Fine Motor Skills
  • The ASD Girls’ Wellbeing Toolkit
  • If I Can … Cards
  • Let’s Talk About Mindfulness Discussion Cards
  • Winston – Helping with Worries Cards
  • Let’s Talk About Anxiety Discussion Cards
  • Little Tin of Niggles
  • Little Tin of Transition Worries
  • Little Tin of Teenage Worries
  • Little Tin of Big Worries
  • Superhero Behaviour Missions Card Game
  • Let’s make more smiles! Encouraging Positive Be...
  • The Attendance Toolkit
  • Magnetic Calendar
    £25.99  (£21.66 laga bilaabo VAT)
  • Set of 4 Dressing and Zipping Wall Mount Boards
    £84.99  (£70.83 laga bilaabo VAT)
  • Sensory Wall Game / Maze
    £69.99  (£58.33 laga bilaabo VAT)
  • Wooden Wall Movement & Facial Expressions
    £49.99  (£41.66 laga bilaabo VAT)
  • Rolling for Feelings
    £13.99  (£11.66 laga bilaabo VAT)
  • Daily Affirmations Pocket Chart
    £23.99  (£19.99 laga bilaabo VAT)
  • Story Starter Picture Cubes
    £12.99  (£10.83 laga bilaabo VAT)
  • Worry Stone Pals Sensory Wristband
    £14.99  (£12.49 laga bilaabo VAT)
  • Changing Seasons Sensory Tubes
    £19.99  (£16.66 laga bilaabo VAT)
  • Spark Action Floor Game Matching Cards for Spee...
  • Chronograph Talking Atomic Watch
    £65.99  (£54.99 laga bilaabo VAT)

Benefits of Communication Aids

Communication aids can provide a range of benefits for children with disabilities, including:

Improved communication

Communication aids can help children who struggle with verbal communication to express themselves more effectively, whether through pictures, symbols, or words.

Increased independence

Communication aids can help children become more independent and self-reliant, as they can communicate their needs and wants more effectively.

Enhanced socialization

Communication aids can facilitate socialization and interaction with peers, allowing children to engage in conversations and activities more easily.

Types of Communication Aids

There are various types of communication aids available, ranging from low-tech to high-tech solutions. Some popular options include:

Picture boards

Picture boards are a simple and effective communication aid that features pictures or symbols that represent common words and phrases. Children can point to the pictures to express themselves, even if they cannot speak.

Communication books

Communication books are a more comprehensive version of picture boards, featuring a range of pictures and symbols that can be organized by category, such as food, clothing, or emotions.

Speech-generating devices

Speech-generating devices are high-tech communication aids that use computerized voices to speak for the child. These devices can be programmed with pre-set phrases or customized to respond to specific prompts.

In conclusion, communication aids can be an essential tool for children with disabilities, providing them with a means to express themselves and interact with the world around them. By choosing the right communication aid, parents and caregivers can help children become more independent, improve their communication skills, and enhance their overall quality of life. With a range of options available, parents and caregivers can find communication aids that meet the unique needs and abilities of each child, supporting their development and wellbeing.

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