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Casgliad: Books & Resources

Introducing our collection of books and resources designed to empower parents, caregivers, and teachers who provide unwavering support to children with special education needs, including Autism and ADHD. We understand that these unique challenges come with their own set of questions, concerns, and complexities, which is why our curated selection addresses a wide spectrum of topics with empathy, expertise, and practical guidance.

Our collection encompasses a wide range of resources, from informative guides and instructional books to interactive tools and practical strategies. We aim to provide a holistic support system for those dedicated to enhancing the lives of children with special educational needs. Whether you seek insights into understanding and managing these conditions, strategies for promoting academic and social development, or guidance on fostering a nurturing and inclusive environment, our collection offers invaluable assistance. We recognise the profound impact of these conditions on individuals and their families, and our resources are tailored to help you navigate the journey with confidence, patience, and compassion.

As we know, every child is unique, and our books and resources emphasize the individualised approaches necessary when caring for children with special educational needs. With insights from experts in the field, firsthand experiences from parents and caregivers, and evidence-based strategies for teachers, our collection serves as a beacon of support, fostering a more inclusive, compassionate, and informed approach to nurturing the potential of every child.

Y pris uchaf yw £92.49 Ail gychwyn

30 cynhyrchion



30 cynhyrchion


Y pris uchaf yw £92.49


30 cynhyrchion

  • Llyfr Synhwyraidd Ffabrig
    £29.99  (£24.99 o TAW)
  • A5 Parent Carer Planner 2024 and 2025
    £14.99  (£12.49 o TAW)
  • Super NeeDoh
    £12.99  (£10.83 o TAW)
  • Colouring Book Set - Mindfully Me - Learning ResourceTiger Tribe's Mindfulness Colouring Book Set - Learning Resource
    Whilst Stocks Last
    Set Llyfrau Lliwio Ymwybyddiaeth Ofalgar Tiger ...
    £15.99 £12.99  (£10.83 o TAW) 19% I ffwrdd!
  • Winston – Helping with Worries Cards
  • Multi-Sensory Activities for Fine Motor Skills
  • ADHD Classroom Kit in a Bag
    £92.49  (£77.08 o TAW)
  • Autism Resource Kit in a Bag for Classrooms
    £92.49  (£77.08 o TAW)
  • A Dragon Comes To Visit Story Book About Dyspraxia
  • Talk with Teddies Communication Kit
    £53.99  (£44.99 o TAW)
  • Jackson Superhero Cuddly Toy
    £13.99  (£11.66 o TAW)
  • Jackson Superhero Books Paperback – Illustrated
    Oddiwrth £6.99 (£5.83 o TAW)
  • The ASD Girls’ Wellbeing Toolkit
  • If I Can … Cards
  • Let’s Talk About Mindfulness Discussion Cards
  • Let’s Talk About Anxiety Discussion Cards
  • Activities to Help Young People Deal with Stres...
  • Little Tin of Niggles
  • Little Tin of Transition Worries
  • Little Tin of Teenage Worries
  • Little Tin of Big Worries
  • Superhero Behaviour Missions Card Game
  • Let’s make more smiles! Encouraging Positive Be...
  • The Attendance Toolkit
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