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Prif Fordwyaeth

Casgliad: Allan ac o Gwmpas

Wrth ofalu am rywun ag anghenion ychwanegol, gall teithio a diwrnodau allan olygu mwy o gynllunio a pharatoi. Gall hyn olygu nid yn unig ymchwilio'n fanylach i'ch taith, megis dod o hyd i doiledau a seibiannau, ond hefyd meddwl am y mathau o bethau sydd angen i chi fynd â nhw gyda chi.

Rydym yn stocio amrywiaeth o gynhyrchion i wneud hyn yn haws gan gynnwys; Allweddi Radar, Amddiffynwyr Clust, Gorchuddion Cadair Olwyn a llawer mwy.


Y pris uchaf yw £4,900.00 Ail gychwyn

59 cynhyrchion



59 cynhyrchion


Y pris uchaf yw £4,900.00


59 cynhyrchion

  • £4.99  (£4.16 o TAW)
  • Oddiwrth £39.99
  • Edz Kidz Children Ear Defenders - Care & SafetyEdz Kidz Children Ear Defenders - Care & Safety
    Allan o stoc
  • £15.49
  • £11.49
  • Oddiwrth £36.99
  • Care Designs Adult Padded Changing Mat - Out & AboutCare Designs Adult Padded Changing Mat - Out & About
    VAT Relief Available
    £30.99  (£25.83 o TAW)
  • £9.99
  • £31.49  (£26.24 o TAW)
  • Fledglings' ID Wristband - Out & AboutFledglings' ID Wristband - Out & About
    Whilst Stocks Last
    £3.30 £2.49  (£2.08 o TAW) 25% I ffwrdd!
  • £49.99  (£41.66 o TAW)
  • £34.99  (£29.16 o TAW)
  • £19.99  (£16.66 o TAW)
  • £19.80
  • Care Designs Wet & Dry Bag - Out & AboutCare Designs Wet & Dry Bag - Out & About
    Allan o stoc
  • Buggy Clip and Lock - Buggies & AccessoriesMy Buggy Buddy Clip - Buggies & Accessories
    Whilst Stocks Last
    £9.50 £6.49  (£5.41 o TAW) 32% I ffwrdd!
  • £19.99  (£16.66 o TAW)
  • £19.80
  • £24.99  (£20.83 o TAW)
  • £44.99  (£37.49 o TAW)
  • Portable Bidet Bowl - Toilet Training and IncontinencePortable Bidet Bowl - Toilet Training and Incontinence
    Whilst Stocks Last
    £11.99 £9.9917% I ffwrdd!
  • Oddiwrth £20.00
  • £15.99
  • Waterproof Wheelchair Total Cover - Buggies & AccessoriesWaterproof Wheelchair Total Cover - Buggies & Accessories
    Oddiwrth £42.99

Out & About Accessories

Useful products aimed at taking some of the stress out of travelling, including walking reins, child harnesses, adapted rucksacks with detachable reins, changing mats and radar keys. The items help maximise independence.

Having a radar key with you lets you have access to disabled toilets while a portable changing mat helps make nappy changes easier and more hygienic. If you are caring for someone who is very active, with little or no sense of danger, walking reins and child harnesses are a great way to prevent accidents or someone running off.

Wheelchair Users

If you are a wheelchair user having the right equipment can make getting out and about so much easier. A good waterproof wheelchair cover is essential.

Waterproof Wheelchair Covers

Similar to the capes in that they are intended to cover the body in rainy weather but they incorporate sleeves - ideal if the user needs their hands free and wants to propel their own chair. Again they will pack away well until needed and are easy to put on and off.

Some are designed to come up to the waist, encase the body and cover the legs while the user is in their wheelchair. Waterproof and lined for extra warmth, the user can be lowered into or sit into the cover, which is then zipped up at the front. This style is great in bad weather and for those whose lack of mobility or have a condition which makes them feel the cold.

Leg and Lap Covering Wheelchair Covers are available in fleece lined or unlined versions these covers are designed to be slipped over the legs and lap of the wheelchair user. They attach the wheelchair at the waist and pull easily over the chair footplate. Suitable for wheelchair user who may need to get in and out of their chair.

Capes & Covers

These garments have no sleeves and come with a hood. They are designed to be easy to pull over the head and drape over the body and wheelchair. They are waterproof but unlined. The advantage is that they will fold away in a bag until needed, ideal for rainy days. If the weather is cold the wearer would need warm clothes or a fleece poncho underneath.

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