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Prif Fordwyaeth

Casgliad: Dillad gwely

Yma fe welwch ein hystod o ddillad gwely i helpu gyda materion ymataliaeth.

Y pris uchaf yw £4,950.00 Ail gychwyn

16 cynhyrchion



16 cynhyrchion


Y pris uchaf yw £4,950.00


16 cynhyrchion

  • Sychwch Duvet gwrth-ddŵr glân sy'n gwrthsefyll ...
    Oddiwrth £61.99
  • Gobennydd Sychwch Gwrthiannol MRSA
  • Fidgetbum Single Bed Sleeping Aid Extra Long - BedtimeFidgetbum Single Bed Sleeping Aid Extra Long - Bedtime
    VAT Relief Available
    Cymorth Cysgu Gwely Sengl Fidgetbum Hir Ychwanegol
    £54.99  (£45.83 o TAW)
  • Amddiffynnydd Matres Taflen Smart Gwrthiannol M...
  • Midi Weighted Blanket - Bedtime
    VAT Relief Available
    Blanced Midi Pwysol
    £111.00 £84.99  (£70.83 o TAW) 23% I ffwrdd!
  • Waterproof Mattress - Bedtime, Toilet Training and IncontinenceWaterproof Mattress - Bedtime, Toilet Training and Incontinence
    Made in the UK
    Matres dal dwr
    Oddiwrth £395.00
  • Pad Gwely Golchadwy Vida
  • Gobennydd Siâp V Glân sy'n Gwrthiannol i MRSA
  • MRSA Resistant Smart Sheet Mattress Protector Double - Toilet Training and Incontinence
    Whilst Stocks Last
    Amddiffynnydd Matres Taflen Smart Gwrthiannol M...
    £30.00 £23.9920% I ffwrdd!
  • Weighted Blanket Hoodie - Standard
    Oddiwrth £92.99 (£77.49 o TAW)
  • Blanced Fach 3kg Pwysol (90 x 100)
    £79.99  (£66.66 o TAW)
  • Classic Weighted Blanket 3kg - BedtimeClassic Weighted Blanket 3kg - Bedtime
    VAT Relief Available
    Blanced glasurol wedi'i phwysoli 3kg
    £125.00 £99.99  (£83.33 o TAW) 20% I ffwrdd!
  • Blanced 5kg Mawr (150 x 200cm)
    £99.99  (£83.33 o TAW)
  • Weighted Blanket Hoodie - Large
    Oddiwrth £98.99 (£82.49 o TAW)
  • The Big Friendly Bed
    £4,950.00  (£4,125.00 o TAW)
  • The Comfort Bed
    £4,950.00  (£4,125.00 o TAW)

Key benefits of waterproof bedding

Protects the Mattress

Waterproof bedding protects the mattress from damage caused by urine, sweat, and other bodily fluids. This helps to extend the life of the mattress and prevent the need for expensive replacements.

Promotes Good Hygiene

Waterproof bedding ensures that any fluids are contained, preventing them from seeping into the mattress and creating an unhygienic environment. This helps to reduce the risk of bacterial growth and associated health issues.

Eases Cleaning

Cleaning a mattress that has been soiled by urine or other fluids can be a difficult and unpleasant task. Waterproof bedding makes cleaning much easier, as it can be removed and washed in the washing machine.


Waterproof bedding is made from soft, breathable materials that are comfortable to sleep on. This is especially important for children with continence issues, as they may already be experiencing discomfort or embarrassment related to their condition.

Reduces Stress

Children with continence issues may feel stressed or embarrassed about their condition, particularly if they have accidents while staying with friends or family. Waterproof bedding can help to reduce this stress, as it provides a discreet and practical solution to the problem.

Improves Sleep Quality

Children who wet the bed may wake up feeling uncomfortable or cold due to the dampness of the sheets. Waterproof bedding can help to prevent this, ensuring that children stay dry and comfortable throughout the night. This can lead to better sleep quality and improved overall health and wellbeing.


Waterproof bedding is a cost-effective solution to the problem of bedwetting and other continence issues. It is much cheaper than replacing a mattress and can be used over and over again, making it a good long-term investment.

In summary, waterproof bedding is a practical and effective solution for children with continence issues. It can help to protect the mattress, promote good hygiene, ease cleaning, reduce stress, improve sleep quality, and provide a cost-effective solution to the problem.

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