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Prif Fordwyaeth

PODS Fundamentals


Pris rheolaidd £1,150.00  (£958.33 o TAW)
Pris rheolaidd Pris gwerthu   £1,150.00  (£958.33 o TAW)

Experience the magic of PODS with its internally lit core and sensory play tent. Setup is easy and quick, and it's perfect for relaxation or visual therapy. The 1.8m diameter and 8.5kg weight make it portable, and it includes a removable foam floor pad and Bluetooth speaker. Covered by a 1-year warranty, it's great for 1-3 children.

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Product Description

... Where it all begins. The internally lit core of PODS is the magic's heart and soul.

It's the coolest sensory play tent, stripped back. Showcasing all the colours of the rainbow with the internal LED sensory lighting. Colour therapy just moved into another dimension.

Product Details:

  • Popping up in just 40 seconds out of the bag is as easy as plugging in, popping up and playing!
  • Perfect for those living with visual impairment or a portable space to relax in that's less busy than the themed PODS.
  • Size: 1.8m Diameter (approx 6ft), 1.8m High (approx 6ft) (Exterior Dimensions) 8.5kg Packed Weight, Including Fan.
  • The package includes a removable foam floor pad and a portable Bluetooth speaker.
  • Warranty: PODS comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.
  • A blank canvas POD that comes with LED remote control lighting.
  • The POD is a suitable size to fit 1 - 3 children.

You can also buy removable themes, with six to choose from.

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Calming, soothing, and managing overstimulation,Interoception, communication, feelings, PDA , anxiety, emotional regulation,

Please note: These products are sold with their intended purpose as described. We cannot be held responsible for any misuse of items where physical force has been used to damage the product or where it had been used in a manner that it was not designed for. If in doubt of its suitability, please get in touch.

Canllaw Maint

1.8m Diameter (approx 6ft), 1.8m High (approx 6ft) (Exterior Dimensions) 8.5kg Packed Weight, Including Fan.

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