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Mae pob ceiniog sy'n cael ei gwario yn helpu teuluoedd Contact.

Prif Fordwyaeth

Behaviour Fan

SKU: PD-LR-CF-BEH-BF-00-XX 13 Mewn Stoc

Pris rheolaidd £7.29  (£6.08 o TAW)
Pris rheolaidd Pris gwerthu   £7.29  (£6.08 o TAW)

The Behaviour fan is a great visual learning tool to help support your child’s understanding of appropriate behaviour. It also includes a traffic light system to positively reinforce good behaviour and amber or red to make the child think or stop their actions. Visual cues are an effective method for supporting a child to follow basic routines and to learn self-help skills or understand a spoken language and can be particularly useful for children with autism or social communication difficulties.

Fel Elusen, mae unrhyw elw a wneir o bob pryniant yn mynd yn ôl i helpu teuluoedd â phlant anabl.

Product Description

The Behaviour Fan uses visual symbols to help children learn appropriate behaviours. The petals can be rearranged into whatever order is appropriate for you and uses a traffic light system to make children think about their behaviours. It is a brilliant visual aid that can help a child understand more about how their behaviour may be impacting others such as when playing with friends. It encourages children to think and communicate about appropriate actions and encourages the use of positive reinforcement.

Showing children one image at a time can help them process the current situation around them. The images are easy to understand to help the learner and carer to communicate more effectively and can help to teach appropriate behaviours. This can be particularly useful for children with autism, learning difficulties or limited speech.

The fans are double laminated for extra strength and are 125mm tall and 45mm at their widest point and can be easily popped into your bag if you are on the go. Use it for school, at home or days out.

Please note that this product is not a toy and should be used under adult supervision.

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Calming, soothing, and managing overstimulation, Grounding and reassurance

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Canllaw Maint

125mm tall and 45mm at their widest point.

Gwybodaeth Cludo

Cymorth Cyswllt Ar Gael

If you need further support on how to help your child with behaviour or autism issues you can call the Contact helpline on 0808 808 3555

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